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Shrill: Women Are Funny, It's Okay to Be Fat, and Feminists Don't Have to Be Nice
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message 1: by Hachette (new)

Hachette Books (hachettebooks) | 175 comments Please update to this cover and subtitle

message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Looks like ARCs went out already, presumably with the old cover/title, so rather than deleting the cover/changing the title, I marked that edition as an ARC and moved the ISBN to a new edition w/ the new cover and title:

Were the ARCs also hardcover, or were they paperback or ebooks?

message 3: by Hachette (new)

Hachette Books (hachettebooks) | 175 comments They were paperbacks. There is actually a new cover for this book. It has the Lena Dunham quote on it. Can you update the cover and subtitle of all editions of SHRILL to the one reflected on Amazon? Thanks

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