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message 1: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore All,
My "Monday Words of Wisdom" today on my blog is especially for members of this group. Of course, you might enjoy some of the others. My apologies to the authors: most of these came from coffee house napkins, so I can't acknowledge the source (even the ones from church bulletins--maybe "divinely inspired"?).
A little humor on Mondays makes them more bearable, methinks--plus another mug of coffee.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Burton | 2684 comments What is your blog address?

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Michael,
My bad. It's a page on my website, Thanks for asking and reminding me.

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tom471) | 182 comments Steven, I signed up for a Smashwords account after reading your blog. From your blog, it appears that some authors offer their books on Smashwords, but not Amazon. Other authors can be found on both sites. Until now, all of my ebooks have been purchased from Amazon. I have a kindle.

message 5: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Thomas,
There are many people beyond the NY Times, Authors Guild, and traditional publishers who don't like Amazon. Smashwords says they even distribute to Amazon--I've never seen evidence of that, but they do sell mobis for your Kindle.
I personally feel that Kindle owners go first to Amazon, so it's clear why I'm in a conundrum about where to go first when I release a new book. Like you, I've never bought a book from Smashwords, but more and more mobile readers seem to be doing so.
Who knows how long this confusion will reign? ;-)

message 6: by Pete (last edited Feb 22, 2016 02:59PM) (new)

Pete Morin | 123 comments Correction: Smashwords does not distribute to Amazon. It allows for uploading of a mobi format so that readers who own kindles can download from SW directly.

I suppose there are some self-published authors out there who “don’t like” Amazon for one reason or another. I cannot envision a single reason why those sentiments would impel a self-published author NOT to sell through Amazon nevertheless.

Amazon generates 74% of all ebook sales and 71% of dollars spent. The next competitor is Apple at 10-12%; B&N at 7-8%; Kobo at 3-4% and Google Play at 1-2%. “Other” is 2% - and I assume “other” includes Smashwords, because in addition to being a distributor, it is also a seller.


What possible reason could there be to pass on 74% of the market?

I would recommend to anyone who’s still researching the market to read David Gaughran’s blog, Let’s Get Digital (, as well as that of Kristine Kathryn Rusch ( There are a bunch of others, but David, especially, has covered a lot of ground for us.

The other major resource for learning about the ebook market is the “Author Earnings Reports” that are produced by Hugh Howey and his statistician, “Data Guy.”

Here is the most recent Author Earnings Report. Note that there are some excellent comments below the article about Smashwords vs. D2D.

message 7: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Pete,
I don't know if your references take into account mobile devices. I was wondering why I had an uptick in non-Amazon sales (small as an absolute number but a definite percentage increase) at Smashwords via Apple, B&N, etc, but especially Apple. A fellow author guessed it was because more people are reading on their mobile devices, NOT Kindles.
I agree with you. From a marketing POV, one should do BOTH Amazon and Smashwords, the latter because they distribute to retailers Amazon doesn't distribute to. Whether Smashwords or Draft2Digital, reaching those retailers is necessary to cover markets Amazon doesn't cover.
Hmm...have Monday words of wisdom become Tuesday's? ;-) I'm beyond this conundrum of deciding where to release my books. Because I can't afford to keep up my present rate for new releases, I'll just do the writing and release books as I can afford to do so. That's my business model now if it deserves that name. :-) I won't stop writing; people will just see less of it. (Of course, that will all change if a book "takes off" like The Martian did.)

message 8: by Pete (new)

Pete Morin | 123 comments Steven wrote: "Pete,
I don't know if your references take into account mobile devices. I was wondering why I had an uptick in non-Amazon sales (small as an absolute number but a definite percentage increase) at S..."

Steven, every mobile device is capable of reading a mobi (or prc) file. You don’t need a kindle to buy on Amazon.

Yes, AAR counts (insofar as can be extrapolated) all sales from all channels.

message 9: by Michael (new)

Michael Burton | 2684 comments Steven wrote: "Pete,
I don't know if your references take into account mobile devices. I was wondering why I had an uptick in non-Amazon sales (small as an absolute number but a definite percentage increase) at S..."

That is a very interesting thought about more people reading from their mobile devices v. Kindle. Are you aware of any data on this?

message 10: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Michael,
Anecdotal. I've observed it on the train. An iPhone is a wee bit easier to handle than a Kindle (any version). I have no idea where to get hard data, though. ;-)

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael Burton | 2684 comments Steven,

What an interesting topic. Every day, I'm at the gym, where I see many people, working out, reading Kindles vs. IPhones. With the price of Kindles coming down in price, there is a lot of attraction to purchase one.

Personally, I read on both my Kindle and Phone. I do find the Kindle to be more comfortable than the phone. I guess it is because I'm as blind as a bat and need the larger screen.

message 12: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Michael,
Me too. LOL. Plus paper-white because I can't stand the glare. I guess they make those magnifiers for iPhones for a reason.
Can someone else offer some other reason for upticks in my Apple ebook sales? Seems like an interesting topic to throw a poll at.

message 13: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Michael,
We might want to find another thread to put this discussion. It has very little to do with my "Monday words of wisdom." ;-) In fact, it's so stealthy here that Le Carre would be proud!

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael Burton | 2684 comments Steven,

You were reading my mind. Le Carre would be proud. Nothing like a little covert interaction.

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