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Keira (keira_rogan) | 377 comments Mod
Hi! I'm Keira and I will be hosting this read and discussion. This is the Middle Grade read for March.

For this next month, the way I'm going to do it is that the spoiler free discussion is for discussions with 0 spoilers and then in the spoiler section, just mention the chapter you are at when posting a spoiler incase someone hasn't read that part. This way, if you are behind on the reading (I'm not reading week by week, I'm just using that as an easy way to break it up and keep track of how far I am: I will provide it for those who would like to though) you can still discuss things without getting spoiled in the chat! By the way, these are even by page number, not by number of chapters.

Week 1: Beginning- Chapter 6
Week 2: Chapter 6- Chapter 10
Week 3: Chapter 10- Chapter 16
Week 4: Chapter 16- end

Please comment below if you plan on reading this book and I will add you to the list:

Genre: Fantasy
Ten-year-old Morag is being held prisoner. When a dodo and a rat accidentally rescue her, she is drawn into their dangerous and life-threatening mission to retrieve an ancient stone used to protect their northern homeland.

P.S. That isn't the normal cover: the normal cover is the one that you can see listed as Hardcover that is dark blue with a the silhouette of people and animals on it.

The middle grade read for this month will, again, be a reread for me. I absolutely love this series, especially the first book, so I am super excited to be reading it again!

Jacqueline (Fall In Love With The Sound of Words) (jackey_oh) I didn't manage to read this, sorry Keira. I hope you enjoyed it!

Keira (keira_rogan) | 377 comments Mod
Jacqueline (Fall In Love With The Sound of Words) wrote: "I didn't manage to read this, sorry Keira. I hope you enjoyed it!"

No problem and I did!

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