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Keira (keira_rogan) | 377 comments Mod
Hi! I'm Keira and I will be hosting this read and discussion! This is the March Adult read.
For this next month, the way I'm going to do it is that the spoiler free discussion is for discussions with 0 spoilers and then in the spoiler section, just mention the chapter you are at when posting a spoiler incase someone hasn't read that part. This way, if you are behind on the reading (I'm not reading week by week, I'm just using that as an easy way to break it up and keep track of how far I am: I will provide it for those who would like to though) you can still discuss things without getting spoiled in the chat!

Week 1: to pg. 86 of the edition I have (read from the beginning to the Maggie chapter beginning ' 'Now let's see,' Dwight said.... ')
Week 2: to pg. 176 of my edition (to, but not including the Maggie chapter beginning 'Sir Harding Montague was a wiry, extremely articulate man...')
Week 3: to pg. 260 of my edition (to the Daniel chapter beginning 'Rory sits in Pa's office and works steadily...')
Week 4: finish the book!

Please comment below if you will be joining us and I will add your name to the list.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Adrift in a rapidly changing world, the Bevan family cling to tradition while wrestling with taxes, tree blight and the need to keep the family skeleton firmly in the cupboard.
The Earl and Countess of Bevan- charming, mad and emotionally abbreviated.
Daniel, their eldest son- funny, intelligent, but a hopeless alcoholic.
Rory, his younger brother- sometimes moody, often cross, but mostly furious
Enter Maggie, an opinionated and occasionally ferocious American journalist for CBS's hard-hitting current affairs show Newsline. Far happier sending back dispatches from the trenches of war-torn anywhere, Maggie is none to pleased at being forced to research a documentary on the decline and fall of England's upper classes.
When these two worlds collide no one is prepared for the fallout.
Brilliantly compelling and deeply moving, Hunting Unicorns is the story of two brothers with inextricable attachments and one woman with none.
A superb romantic comedy that is sharp, poignant, redemptive and very funny to the last.

Well, I will admit that my main reason for picking this book as an option was that my mum gave me a ton of books and this was one of them: I really need to get though them. I do, however, really want to read this book as it seems really intriguing. I am going to try to read it towards the beginning of the month as I think it might take me some time.

Jacqueline (Fall In Love With The Sound of Words) (jackey_oh) I know I put this on my Mabey list, but go ahead and add me too!! It was at my library so that is a sign I needed to read it :D

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Keira (keira_rogan) | 377 comments Mod
Jacqueline (Fall In Love With The Sound of Words) wrote: "I know I put this on my Mabey list, but go ahead and add me too!! It was at my library so that is a sign I needed to read it :D"

Wonderful, will do!

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