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message 1: by Breanne (new)

Breanne (breegreen_books) I want to help eliminate your tbr so each month, a new genre or letter or color will be chosen to help chose the book on your tbr that you read.
I think we should try to achieve greatness so to also work towards your Goodreads goal, try to read more than one book in the category.

Hope you like this!

message 2: by Breanne (new)

Breanne (breegreen_books) Comment below what you'd like to start with: say color, genre, or letter

coeur de samurai (coeurdesamurai) | 3 comments i'd like red

message 4: by Kassay (new)

Kassay letter

message 5: by Jade SiL (new)

Jade SiL  Carstairs  (jadesil) red

message 6: by Katy (last edited Feb 24, 2016 06:00PM) (new)

Katy H (the_other_katy) | 1 comments Is this for February or March?As a general rule, I'd go with letter but for February, color (red) would work fine too.

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura  Elena | 1 comments What about March?

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