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Hey this one had to have a different appearance and personality. Birthdays and family the same. Gender can be different if you want:

City/Town name:
City/Town age: (Can be a smart guess or around)

What Country do you belong to?:

Human name:
Human age:




History: (Optional)

seeing anyone?:



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"Does this make me look slutty enough?"

City/Town name: London
City/Town age: Around 200

What Country do you belong to?: Britain
Birthday: Unknown

Human name: Duncan Alistair
Human age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-fR3rfo_A2oI...

Personality: Unlike his 1p self, he is more like England. He is ambitious and loves to cross-dress and show his feminine side. He likes to show off his body like a complete tramp. He doesn't care for magic, because he thinks it's a waste of time. He hates it when people swear around him or younger people. London likes to be called by his human name, so he won't get confused with his 1p. Duncan is more of a sportsman type of person and likes to move around. Duncan also always craves attention and thinks he's in charge. He has a colourful grammar. He wears an ear-ring shaped as a music symbol because he loves music that much. He loves to spend money on whatever he can afford.

History: Unknown

Family: England. The rest is unknown
Sexuality: Bi. Mostly straight
seeing anyone?: Nope

Curl?: None
Weapon?: His ear-ring. What? He can still stab people with them!
Pet?: He isn't much of a pet lover, but he does have two cats: Sphynx cat named Skinni; nicknamed Skin-kin: http://www.asnclassifieds.com/images/...

And a Burmese cat named Coffey: http://www.weetzies.com/wp-content/up...
Other: No

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City/Town name: Transylvania
City/Town age: N/A

What Country do you belong to?: Romania
Birthday: December 25th (Christmas)

Human name: Maka Kaname
Human age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://images.hologfx.com/Doki/Bungak... (view spoiler)

Personality: Maka has some really bad abandonment issues, so she tends to push people away. The personality she shows towards people is more mean then how she wants to act, she just has trouble expressing her emotions. Most of the time you see her as a born leader, someone who isn't afraid to fight back, stubborn as hell and sometimes acts like she's better then others. Or sometimes when you see her she's just quiet and ignores you completely. But if she lets you in her wall, you might see some kindness in her that she has locked away for no one else but herself and her twin brother to see. She's really depressed and hates when people say one thing then do another. She also cant stand the thought of someone saying they love her, even if her brother says it. She thinks she's just an unlovable person and that people shouldn't say things they dont mean. She also has a tendency to call people Baka (Idiot), moron and other swear words or hurtful words.

She can also be seen goofing around or cheering others up, but if they compliment her about it, she'll deny it and claim she was just doing it to make herself feel good and tells them not to get used to it, but if you see this side, you will have already gotten used to her tough personality and know that she really was just being kind.


History: Maka was always the tough, athletic one while her twin brother, Miu, was always the sweet, innocent yet somewhat popular sibling, but it always upset her when people would pick on him for his shyness. Her father left the family 2 weeks after her and her brother was born (She was born 12 minutes before Miu was so technically she's the older twin) because he claimed it was too much stress to take care of the whole family. Then when she was 4, her mother had died from a bad sickness caused by depression and anxiety, which made it where her and her brother had to go live with there rich yet drunk uncle. She knew her mom was going to die, because a week before, her mom gave her a silver dagger. Her mom told her that if anything were to happen to her, she'd want Maka to watch over Miu and protect him and support him with anything he does. Maka agreed, having already planned on doing so. Her brother can handle himself now, but back then he never was fond of fighting. When they moved into there uncles mansion, she liked it and hated it. She loved living in a large mansion, but since her uncle was always drunk and the townsfolk only liked him for the money, everyone often ignored her and Miu. Of course, they had each other, the maids and there butler, but it was never satisfying enough deep inside of her.

She always had this little hide out she'd go to if she wanted to be alone. It was on the Prairie behind the mansion. It was about 100 feet away and where only one tree stood where she'd sit against it to write/draw/whatever. She'd often go there to write her stories, draw or even cry if she felt the need. But she had to leave that all behind when Miu decided to join this group. He told her she didn't have to come but since she made the promise with her mother, she came anyways.


Family: Has a twin brother, Miu and a rich uncle
Sexuality: Straight
Seeing anyone?: Nope


Curl?: Nope
Weapon?: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20...
Pet?: http://fe867b.medialib.glogster.com/m... Its a female named Blue



Spadez (or Kadyn) | 10 comments Finished her!

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Accepted :)

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 10 comments Thx :D

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