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Mrityunjay chauhan Interrogation session of Clevinger is the funnest part of what I have read till now, somewhere it resembles to Full metal jacket scene where Pvt. Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence is being drilled by Major
I see so many paradox throughout each and every character looks bewildered and insane its really a scary scene to imagine and to be in

Zippergirl I remember (all these years later) when the nurse nonchalantly switches the saline and urine drainage bag. OMG

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Feliks the cat who sleeps every night on the face of Hungry Joe, giving him nightmares about a cat who sleeps on his face every night

the soldier in white

Dave Yossarian realising that it's perhaps better to see everything once...

Tristen Kozinski The moment where the allies bomb their own bridge.

Amir Nakar The bit about time moving slower when you're not enjoying yourself... so to live longer you need to NOT enjoy yourself.

And really when the whole scam about the eggs and the mess guy (forgot the name) unravels... Thats the absolute best.

Mayank Sharma thing with Major Major where people can only meet him when he is not there..that was funny

Ozymandias Major Major Major Major.

Tati Kyle wrote: "Major Major Major Major."

and he is not allowed to be promoted, or demoted.

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Tati ^^^ all of the above are golden

I probably like most the Soldier Who Saw Everything Twice. he just shoots up from bed screaming that he sees everything twice, and the doctors immediately start yelling and running like they know what this means. Yossarian thinks he's onto something, and mimics him, winking at him.

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Rick The return of "The-Solder-in-White" was the funniest part of a book packed with hilarious situations. When Dunbar convinces even the nurses that “It’s the same one!”, “He’s back!”, “There’s no one inside!” and "They’ve stolen him away!” It's insane Dunbar at his craziest.

Alexis The part where PFC Wintergreen calls the colonel and shouts "T.S. Eliot" in response to their question about poets, but the men don't understand and think it's a bomb threat.

Bbhyped - "Help him, Help him!"
- "Help who?"
- "Help the Bombardier!"
- "I'm the Bombardier! I'm all right!"

Rebecca Near the start when Yossarian realises the unfortunate truth that he and the chaplain have something in common to talk about.

Lizzie I LOVE the recurring "Washington Irving" signatures throughout the novel! I had to put down the book whenever that name came up just to take a moment to compose myself. Also, the moaning... I was trying (and failing) not to crack up while reading it in a crowded doctor's office.

One of the quotes that made me laugh the hardest was "Kraft was a skinny, harmless kid from Pennsylvania who wanted only to be liked, and was destined to be disappointed in even so humble and degrading an ambition. Instead of being liked, he was dead." Heller is a genius.

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Pradarshan Kini G Conversation between Yossarian and Orr where Orr explains how he used to walk around with crab apples or horse chestnuts in his cheeks.

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Nick Mills “Where were you born?"
"On a battlefield," [Yossarian] answered.
"No, no. In what state were you born?"
"In a state of innocence.”

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