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message 1: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 480 comments Started watching the DVDs with my daughter.
Fun series, as Hal and co are in deep space, so lots of big, cosmic adventure and nice use of the various color corps.

Pleasantly surprised at some of the stories they are adapting and some of the themes they are dealing with.

The Red Lantern on the team is a bit one note, but I'm hoping he gets better as the series goes.

message 2: by Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*, *Daily Planet Intern* (new)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 580 comments Mod
I'll have to check it out, don't think I've heard of this one for some reason. Then again there's so many out there it's a little hard to keep track of sometimes. I wish Netflix still had their deal where they showed more of these types of animated shows.

message 3: by Jeff (new)

Jeff | 423 comments I liked the Green lantern series on the whole, mostly because it brought in elements of the other Lantern corps like Larfleeze the orange lantern and the other colors, which all originated from one of DC's best storylines in comics, Blackest Night. Erin, I gave you that whole series on CD, aside of the JLA Identity Crisis, which I am begging you to read, hint hint, Blackest Night is the next best storyline so far to date aside of the Death of Superman.

message 4: by James (new)

James | 337 comments Mod
Is this series still airing new episodes or has it been cancelled? I think that I saw an episode or two awhile back and it looked decent... but without the benefit of watching from the start...?

message 5: by Jeff (new)

Jeff | 423 comments it was cancelled about two years ago actually

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