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message 1: by Randy (last edited Feb 21, 2016 07:54PM) (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments I've spent years writing these books. No one's read them, it time to discover what's wrong or right with them, and how to make them better. This almost seems like a dream... people willing to read the story without me having to pay them. That's assuming someone will want to read my efforts. I look forward to your help, thanks in advance.

message 2: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments I'm not sure if this is the right way to add to my earlier post, but here goes . If anyone wants a better of idea of the novel, you could email me at islanddr@telus. net
I can give more information, or even a synopsis of the book, or all five books together.

message 3: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments Okay, I've done the smart thing... something I should have done first.... I've read a few of the other author's requests for readers... duh. Yup, now I think I might be able to do this in a nicer fashion.
How about a brief synopsis?
Mike and his girlfriend, Violet, are strolling down a darkened hallway when it blinks away. He's shocked to find himself somewhere else when he wakes from the fall—another world. Magic is real here and a woman matching Violet's description has shown up as well. Wow, more shocks.
None of these shocks measure up to when he discovers Violet can do magic. He doesn't learn about that until she pops in while he's comforting a young woman whose puppy has been killed. In a magically fuelled rage, his girlfriend turns him into a woman, Michelle. Then Violet disappears to join a group of renegade mages who plan to change the world and everyone in it into playthings for their amusement.
Michelle, still in shock over the recent change, discovers there are many connected worlds. Mother is more than just the operator of the rooming house where Michelle has been staying, she's this world's watcher/gate keeper—the one person able to help Michelle return home. The renegade mages kidnap Mother to force her to open the doorways between all the worlds so that they can play like gods in each of them.
The renegades must be stopped, Mother needs to be rescued, and Michelle wants to go home in her own, male, body. It's going to take a lot of fighting and planning—and luck, and magic.
One last shock. Bonnie, the woman whose dog was killed, is in love with Michelle... and Michelle's falling in love with her. Perhaps home's not so important after all.
Maybe someone is interested in reading a couple of chapters? How about page One?

message 4: by Swati (new)

Swati Hegde (swatithegeek) | 128 comments Hi, Randy!
I'm a freelance beta reader, editor and proofreader, as well as a blogger and YA author.
I'd love to beta read for you. You can email me at My services are very affordable and worth your money. :)

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments Hi Swati, I thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, at this time I'm unable to pay for a Beta reader. I wish I could but finances are tighter than usual at the moment.
Thanks again but... sorry

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