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Grim | 161 comments So, what kind of demon RP should we do?
Any ideas or should we just brainstorm.

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Depends because I like to do pairings I think would be kind of Forbidden. Demons would be forbidden to be with beings like humans,witches and angels and it also depends on the genders we plan to play too.

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Grim | 161 comments True, plus the personalities of the characters.
What should they be?
We can decide what they are after, then make a short summary of their situation.

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I actually had a very good idea but it requires you to read outside sources to understand the setting better would you be interested?

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Grim | 161 comments What is it?

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Supernatural Plot

The Four Children

Four hybrid demon babies were sent off to four different towns and have no clue of the fate they will soon face. As the kids grow up they go through troubled lives with family issues and feeling as if they don't belong.

>>When child A turns 21 she's getting ready to leave a night club with her current boyfriend but get's brutally attacked by a strange man that transformed into a demon in front of her very eyes.

>>When child B turns 22 he is partying with a group of friends but ends up getting in a major fight with a man with glowing White eyes.

>> Child C turns 20 and she's a very popular pop princess who was litterally beat to "death" by a stalker like fan.

>>Child D on the other hand has just turned 19 and is running for his life from the man with wings and was found on the ground in front of a hummer.

What do the kids have in common? Well they wake up in the same hospital but are waken up by a Gargoyle named Scree.

Keep in mind that it's based on a Game!

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Grim | 161 comments Hm, it seems cool.
I just like to make our own story.

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What kind of idea did you have in mind?

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