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O-M-G I just finished this book WHY DID SHADE DIE??? I am so crying and need comfort with my fellow Bookreaders she kneeled oh my freegan god she kneeled...
I WAS LIKE WERE IS THE NEXT BOOK I need it NOW!!!!! Oh lets talk about Maven oh his fingers are whiter than I remember when I read that I was like UGH GROSS also when he said we will spend your birthday together I was like LAST STRAW Sorry dude I hate you. Cause like in the first book he was all Cal gets all the attention i've never been loved by my father I was like poor Maven I kinda LIKE you but in this book and at the end of the Red queen I was like YOU LIAR AND MANIPULITIVE BEAST I have turned my back on you little PEST Kneel at my feet. Sadly I am not the Queen or anything royal in this book cause if I was all you would see when you walked in to that palace is GUTS Mavens GUTS HAHAHAHA ok that was a bit too much BUT I still HATE him. Oh and with a PURE PASSION..... What do YOU GUYS Think??? Cause i'm dying here and NEED to conversate LIKE NOW.

Aish This sequel killed me gahhh. I was so annoyed at her like totally in some kind of fancy with Maven for most of the book. I was like "dude no, please stop."
At least in the end she realised she was being a bit creepy. And am I the only one who felt like once Cal and her got together finally and fulfilled all of my hopes and dreams, but then I felt kind of dissastified cause there wasn't this romantic sexual tension thing. I HATE MAVEN is basically my whole point and I was so angry at her for doting on him and just overall obsessing over him EVEN CAL WASNT OBSESSING just mourning his innocent-like past self. HES NOT A DAMN ANGEL, HES A FREAKING MONSTER GET OVER HIM. p.s #ripshade favourite character and good luck to Farleys baby.

ash ✈ Good luck she NEEDs a blessing to help that baby survive

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Liz I'm not clear why he branded her. He doesn't seem to want her that way.

ash ✈ Who what way??? Mare

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Liz Mare does have an attachment to Maven. And The Glass Sword, Maven Branded her and when Julian gave her the opportunity to have it removed, she refused.

The only thing is, she and Cal probably should've died and been killed at the end of Red Queen, but they escaped. Not sure what is going to happen in the future but there's some connection that is going to occur between Maven and Mare and it is not just hatred of each other.

Also, I really like how Csl's character has been developed. He's really a great guy. But Maven has to be exposed for having been involved in killing the king. Surely there are Silvers who know that Cal could never have killed his father. And what is the extent of the mind games that Elara was playing? How much was she controlling Maven?

ash ✈ Um Okay.....

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