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Truthwitch > Tuesday: Chapters 6-10 (pg 63-121)

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod
So much happening!!! I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different kinds of witchery. I think I'm gonna have to start tabbing this book so I can refer back to things. Also there are so many side characters that I sometimes have to go back and make sure who they are bc the names sound familiar. Overall I am really liking this book. It's super fast paced and the different povs help keep tabs on all characters.

message 3: by Eve (new)

Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
I agree it's a bit overwhelming but still I'm getting things a bit more. I'm a bit behind but I am enjoying it overall. WTF happened at her camp though because holly wow that was intense.

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