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Truthwitch > Wednesday: Chapters 11-16 (pg 122-177)

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
Hooks the lot of them. Going to marry her off without her knowledge what hookers. I had a feeling her uncle wasn't really the drunk and was using the drink to keep her from sensing him. Not sure how I feel about it.

Also this bloodwitch, I don't like him so much but I do respect that he has morals enough not to kill an unarmed man. Still I hope he didn't kill the others because I was rather fond of them in passing. The way he is so confused about not being able to smell Iseult, I think that will be important later. Also her not killing him, I hope that isn't a mistake.

Also Iseult's mom and Alma...I don't know what to think. I mean they seem to care in their way but the whole push aside feelings thing is a bit jarring in times like these. Like her mom kicking her out to keep that jerk Corlant from forcing his way in on anything else.

Oh I am glad they ended up together I'm intrigued. Also yep glad she knows about the contract, all she has to do is threaten to wound herself and the deal is off...just saying. I get why he's doing it but yeah HELL NO on sucking the air out of her lungs for nothing just for being worried about her friend. Also what about his snide comments. I'm somewhat uncertain of him at this point.

Side note: As someone who has like 0 pain tolerance I would love that stone!

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod
This is getting super interesting. I think that the marrying thing was pretty low, they should have trusted her with the truth and have her involved in the plans. I think her uncle was trying to protect her because he knew that she would become a slave if people found out her abilities. I think her uncle will have a much bigger role as we move on.

Also, Iseult's mom and Alma, seemed to want to protect her without telling her what's going on. I think they had her best interest at heart but just like with Safi's uncle and mentors, they decided not to inform them of what's going on and that is one of my biggest pet peeve.

I feel like things would go much smoother if they knew what is happening and they wouldn't react hastily.

I think the fact that the bloodwitch can't smell Iseult will have a much bigger impact later and I just can't wait to see what it is. Also i think that Iseult and Safi together are something more because of how the monks acted. The Cahr Awen the monks saw when they saw them together i think will have a huge importance to the story.

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