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Truthwitch > Friday: Chapters 25-29 (pg 244-299)

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
Okay so this is....interesting. Who has the arrowheads pointed at them.

Now Kullen seems to think they could be a good match and I think they could be if they stopped aiming barbs at one another. Mostly him though because while she may have made some stupid decisions she didn't have all the facts about his land just that she was some cargo to him. And he even knows he would have risked the same to save Kullen so he can't act so high and mighty about that. I hope she does get cut and it's his fault and the contract is void but then she is able to save it somehow. I see potential there like how their magic reacts to one another, maybe she could make him more powerful than his sister. Also how they match one another in ferocity and back with that dance that was just....amazing! But he can be to prideful, he has to save face with his people sure but also punishing someone for something you would have done and then doing it just to prove you will is a bit childish. He also has this ability to make her see things as well and actually quell her some. So yeah potential but not sold.

Also these Cahr Awens have been mentioned before that the monks thought the girls were whatever that is. So maybe they are and can restore the wells. Surely that could help the Nub's out in their state right?

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