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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
Finished! Okay so I was a bit concerned after the first section it sounded interesting but there was just so much happening and POV swaps and I didn't have a handle on the names of the characters or places or things yet it was a bit overwhelming but then as I got to know them and things all fell into place for me I grew to like it more and more with each section.

So I'm glad the Bloodwitch had a brief moment of humanity and didn't let his mentor (I'm too lazy to look up spellings right now lol) and took her to the well though I'm a bit disappointed that he knows it is true that they are the Cahr Awen and he isn't going to help protect them. Maybe he is confused and maybe he will eventually sway to that side in the next book.

So I feel horrible Kullem....I liked him and his HeartThread.... :( So sad. And Merik he lost his best friend and he Safi as they got closer but in the end he did manage to get what he needed for his people and that is something. Though she was the one who helped make it happen.

Also I love how Safi made the decision to save those she loved and also knew as she did they would come for her. She has faith in them that she will not be a prisoner used for her gift forever. Side note here HOW can you go through all this for her and her power and then have the audacity to lie to her....WTF?

So we have to figure out who this Puppeteer is and also who Bloodwitch's daddy is. They need to be stopped. I mean that is seriously bad that she can come into peoples dreams and gather information from their mind and also just cleave people like that again WTF?!?! And she seems to think Iz has this power....maybe she can use it on her?

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