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Jake | 48 comments ((If anyone else's character never left home after the waves apply for a house claim and I'll make a thread.))

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver walked in and walked in her living room making weapons for the Government, The weapons are always in demand.. She sat down on the couch and missed. Silver got back up and sat down on the couch.

((Anyone can RP with me.))

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver grabbed her favorite weapon and left.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver entered and sat down on the couch, but first she felt for it and then sat down.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ashton had finally worked up enough courage to venture out of his beloved childhood home and out into the chaos of the crumbling world. Of course he didn't know how much of it was actually courage and how much of it was the incentive of hunger. He had run out of supplies a few days ago and now only had one thing in mind; gather as many supplies as possible and return home where he would haul himself up within the familiar walls and not leave again until his next supply run. He had been walking for a while now, he didn't know exactly how long. Out of sheer habit he lifted his left wrist, peering to the practically useless band of plastic and metal residing there. The touch screen of the high end apple watch was blank, as it would be from now until the end of time. He had only had it for a week before the first wave had hit, and though it was now useless he had a hard time parting with something that had cost him a good chunk of money. Had he known what was coming he would of never spent such money on a frivolous commodity. He would have used it towards something useful like a bunker, or a better gun. The hunting rifle at his side was occasionally dependable at best. Slowly a house came into view and Ash breathed a sigh of relief. Usually he could find some supplies within the abandoned houses and happily be on his way back with a few more months stock. He hadn't ever run into trouble before, as far as he knew, he was the only human for miles.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver was looking at her design pad. She was designing a new, better, smaller gun.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash carefully scanned the area, looking for any signs of danger. Upon not finding any direct reason for worry he slowly worked his way to the house. He wondered if he would find any grusom sights as he had last time. He could still practically smell the stench of rotting flesh from that day, the memory alone made him gag. He took a deep breath and tried to prepair himself for what he may find ahead, hopefully it would be nothing. He didn't know if he could stomachache another half decayed child. He approached the front door, hoping it would be unlocked as most of the other houses he had raided had been. It was always a pain in the ass to have to pick the lock or even just break a window if everything happened to still be intact.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver got up and went to the door. Why do I keep forgetting to lock the door? She thought.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash hesitated a moment before slowly turning the doorknob. The familiar click of an unlocked door sounded and he released a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Honey, I'm home." He murmured aloud to himself with a little smirk. His voice was slightly raspy from under use, he wondered how long it would be before it would dissappear completely. He pushed the door open carelessly, the doorknob would probably dent or leave a hole in the wall due to the force he used. He didn't care. The people who lived here before the waves were probably long dead. Lucky bastards. They got off easy.

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver stopped when the door opened. She grabbed a half-finished gun and went up against the wall connecting to the door.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash caught the glimpse of movement out of his parephial and only then did he realize he had made a fatal mistake. Just because the last five houses he had raided had been abandoned didn't mean this one was too. He cursed his stupidity under his breath, quickly wondering if it was too late the just back away. He imagined so. Maybe luck was on his side and it was just a feral house cat or something. If it wasn't, he would of already had about ten bullets in him by now. That was assurance enough for him and before he could think further he found himself stepping foot into the house.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver put the gun on the back of his head and click it so it was ready to fire. "Who are you?" Silver demanded,

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash's eyes widened and he silently cursed himself. "...I" He said, dropping his own gun and putting his hands up in surrender , "...I am an idiot." So this would be how it ended for him. At least it would be a quick death, unlike starving as he had imagined he would go. He wondered if on the other side he would reunite with his twin sister, or was she by some miracle still alive? The question didn't matter now, he was merely a still breathing corpse.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver laughed. "I am an idiot for not locking the door." Silver picked the gun and closed the door behind him and motioned at the couch. "Please take a seat I'll make a pot of chicken soup. Just don't touch the projects." She said while going to the kitchen.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) It took a moment for her words to sink in and Ash slowly lowered his hands from the surrender position. ", you're not going to kill me then?" He asked dumbly, still stiff and uncomfortable looking. He stayed where he was, not daring to move. He didn't trust this girl any farther than he could throw her. He couldn't. What was it that his sister had said before she left?  'Trust no one, anyone can betray anyone.'

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver came back with a bowl of hot soup and set it on the table. "I do not have the stomach to do it." Silver sat down on the couch with her soup and went to work. "Eat. You look like you have not eaten since forever."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash bit his bottom lip, staring at the bowl. He thought about denying and claiming he wasn't hungry, but as he caught a whiff of the food in question his stomach gave a loud, almost anamalistic sounding growl. When was the last time he had actually had a hot meal? He couldn't remember. He had survived off tofu and chunky peanut butter for the last few months, well, up until he had let his stock pile run out completely anyway. He didn't know what to do, could he trust this girl? She claimed she didn't have the stomach to kill him, but she could of easily slipped some sort of poison into the food. That theory didn't make much sense though, why waste food on someone who was going to be dead. His stomach gave another loud growl and Ash pushed all logic aside. To hell with it he thought, finally stepping forward and taking the bowl. If it did by some chance happen to be poisoned, at least he wouldn't have to endure surviving any longer. 

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "Like it?" She asked, giving up on the work. "If you want anything let me know."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) He nodded, keeping to his mute tendencies, for now at least as he greedily ate the soup. It burned his tongue slightly from the heat, but he didn't care. He hadn't realized how bad his hunger pains had really been until they slowly began to subside. Soon enough he had finished off the contents of the bowl.

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver raised an eyebrow. "Eat much?" She joked. "I have some more food. If you want anymore."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) "....I, uh, ran out almost a week ago." Ash murmured at last, "....that's why I came here in the first scavenge for supplies." He admitted, idly messing with the useless hunk of former technology at his wrist. He still couldn't quite bring himself to fully trusting this girl.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "A week? I can go without food for a hour." She said incredulously. "Well you can help yourself to the pantry, bed, and bathroom. Just don't touch the ice cream." She called from the kitchen. She was wiping the bowls.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) She had ice cream? How was that even possible, how did she keep it cold? He stifled his plethera of questions on the subject, not quite ready to show just how geeky he was with trying to understand how thing worked. Instead he settled on questioning the obvious. "That seems incredibly generous of you considering I'm the one who just barbaricly invaded your house. You're not afraid I'd try to kill you in your sleep or something? If I was in your position right now I'm afraid there would already be blood on the floor and a fresh body. Though for my sake, I'm glad you're not a paranoid, trigger happy maniac as I have reverted to." Ash realized that that was probably the most he had said in months. It felt weird to actually be having a conversation with someone, well, living.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver came out with a bowl of melted ice cream. She handed one to him. "I kinda gave up hope that anyone would care enough to visit let alone invade." She set down her ice cream and felt for the couch and sat down."My name is Silver."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) ((Sorry! My notifications ate jacked up again.))
Well, that answered that question. He guessed melted ice cream was better than no ice cream at all. It would have been nice to have such a luxury though, he imagined that he would be willing to kill just for one last cold root beer float from that corner ice cream shop in town.
"....I'm Ash....I'd say it's nice to meet you, but given the situation...." nothing was really nice anymore, well, besides the fact she hadn't decided to shoot him. Or maybe that wasn't nice either, at this point he would probably welcome death with open arms.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "Hi Ash. What do you need?" Silver asked wondering why he stopped. She noticed the gun was closer to him than it was to her.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) "Oh, um...nothing." He answered, idly stirring the melted ice cream around his bowl. He noticed where she was looking and stiffened slightly. Was she having second thoughts about not shooting him?

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) ((She is worried that he will shoot her.))

Silver looked away from the when he stiffened. Maybe he won't. "Well if there is anything you need let me know." Silver looked out the window.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) ((We know that, but he doesn't know that XD))

"Alright." Ash relaxed slightly again, but not too much. He searched the room, looking for the best escape route just incase. He was still paranoid, of course who wouldn't be after months of running from monsters who only looked human. What would Dawn of done? he silently wondered. Well, first of all she wouldn't be so stupid as to try and raid a still occupied house......

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "Why are you so tense?" She looked at him. "I couldn't hurt you without dying."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash breathed a silent sigh of relief, so she wasn't planning on killing him. "....paranoia." He answered, "You have to be crazy or dumb or....a Rogue not to have it." He watched her carefully, waiting for any twitch or movement that may suggest he had hit on something. Despite everything he still wasn't entirely convinced this girl wasn't, as he had taken to calling the humans who were anything but, a Rogue. He didnt know what else to call them. His sister had always just called them SOB's short for: 'sons of bitches.'

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "A Rouge? A gangster?" Silver asked wondering he meant. She noticed that she was eyeing her. "This is silly." She stood up.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) "No." He answered, fighting back the urge to grab a gun at her sudden movement. He wouldn't turn to violence unless it was absolutely unavoudable. "... like someone who acts differently from someone of their own kind, someone who destroys. It's a name I've taken to calling the monsters trying to drive us to seemed fitting enough" 

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) She began pacing. "You mean the 'possessed humans'?" Silver kept walking, she stopped suddenly. "That's why you are tense. You think I am one. Am I right?"I really hope I am wrong.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash bit his bottom lip, "....well, not particularly, but the fear of it is still there." He admitted. "'s stupid, but you're the first being I've seen since my sister left me on my own. I hope you don't take it personally." Im in the middle of an apocalypse and im worried about hurting this girl(who may or may not be human)'s feelings, how haven't I been killed yet? he wondered silently to himself.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "I should be thinking the same but I am too trusting. If you ever feel threatened, please use the gun." She motioned to the gun on the table.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash shook his head, he wouldn't let his paranoia get to that. Though the longer he stayed here, the worse it would probably get. Or maybe it would get better....but then again that would be bad too. He would then think to ask questions first, then shoot. And his current principal of shoot first ask questions later was the only thing that had kept him alive this far.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver started to walk again, thinking. "If I am one, please do whatever."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) "If you were one, I'm sure you would of killed me when you had the chance." Ash reasoned aloud, trying to convince himself as much as assure her.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "That would make sense." Silver kept walking.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash nodded "....unless it's some sort of mind game." after he said it he winced, realizing that probably hadn't been the best thing to point out. "...sorry, video games taught me to expect the worst."

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver smiled. "You get things from games. I get things from books and movies."

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash shrugged, "....actually I get things from both." He said with a small smile. He rubbed the back of his neck. "....Before this whole thing started I used to be what you might catagorize as a geek..."

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "There is nothing wrong with that. Why do you never finish your sentences?" Silver kept pacing.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) "Habit I guess." Ash answered with another shrug. He didn't know what else to say on the subject.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) "What is your next move? Do you want to be a team or not?" Silver asked.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ash sat there, shocked for a moment. "...I....uh." He tried to think of what Dawn would do. Her last words to him echoed in his mind 'Trust no one'. Dawn could handle her own though, he really couldnt. The way he saw it he was bound to die eventually anyway, no matter if he stayed on his own or what. "Sure?" It came out sounding more like a question than a statement.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Silver laughed. "Sure? Ok. I knew I would need a house." Silver laughed. "You are now welcome to anything, let me know if there is anything you need." She smiled.

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