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Sarah E Mudge | 1 comments This book is a hard cover book, set in East Berlin. It is in the middle school to high school age range. On it's cover it shows to women standing in front of the Berlin wall. Of the two girls the one in the front has long crazy curly brown hair and is wearing a dark green top. The woman in the back seems older, and has long straight blond hair and a multi colored sweeter. The last sentence in the synopsis is, 'living in the shadow of the wall.'

Plot Line *Spoilers included*
The story starts with the main character, a teenage girl, going to I.D. her mom's body after she was shot trying to cross the Berlin Wall. When she sees her mom, she is shocked at seeing the way that her hair is plated, knowing her mom would never wear her hair that way. The girls' dad also has to I.D. his wife's body. The girl lives with her dad. In the end of the book, the Berlin Wall falls, and the last image that the words leave us are of a young woman kissing a young solider who has roses sticking out of the barrel of his gun.

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Sarah, did you move this to Solved? Can you confirm that your book is "The Wall"?

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