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Group still active?

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message 1: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 2 comments Hello everyone!

I'm still rather new to Goodreads and thus still figuring out how it all works. So, well, I am only starting to fully enjoy and appreciate the possibilities that groups may offer.

Some months ago - just before discovering Goodreads - I've decided to read the books which are quoted in the Inkworld trilogy - before reading the trilogy again. So I was really happy to find this group. But... I've pretty much ignored the date of the last activity. Is there a chance that there will ever be any group activity again? And if yes, would anyone else like to read all the books cited (or is it more of a handy thing to have the reading list without actually wanting to read all of the books)?

message 2: by Angie (new)

Angie (just-me) | 6 comments Mod
I set this up not so much as an active book group, but as a reference for interest. I suspect there are way too many books cited in the Inkworld trilogy, than can be practically set as a goal.

message 3: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 2 comments Yea, it's a rather long list... Thanks for the reply anyway :)

message 4: by Jenine (new)

Jenine (_jenine) | 3 comments I believe that such a group must be very active.
Therefore I urge everyone to be active.

message 5: by Pallas Athena (new)

Pallas Athena Promachos (lady_cordelia_fitzgerald) | 1 comments Same!

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