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message 1: by Joan (new)

Joan Walker | 5 comments I agree with you Kit! There are so many powerful, unknown authors. I love this new author ( Jenn Sadai) and her books are perfect for young adults, but she has a very small following. I've recommended her books, but it doesn't seem to help. In her second book, she discusses how minimal the response was to her first book, which is heartbreaking because of the amazing effect it had on my life. Her books deal with real issues and I know her stories will help others, but I don't know how to give her books the attention she deserves.

message 2: by Travis (new)

Travis Bughi (tbughi1) Well, Kit, if you want to help Tammy out, you're on the right track, but your methods could use a little polish.

First off, what you're attempting to do is to be what internet calls a "Super Fan," or someone willing to promote the author's work without compensation, simply because you loved their work. Fans will like and follow an author's work, but super fans will go out of their way to recommend the book to others online, in person, and any chance they get. Similar to what you're doing now, which is great for Tammy!

So, basically just do what you're doing now. You participate in forums and discussion, drop a line about Tammy's work and recommend people check it out. Don't just state the name, though, provide an actual link so the lazy can quickly click and follow. Like this -

Outsiders by Tammy Ferebee

The cover link will grab people's attention. Also, they won't have to do any hunting on their own. Recommend her books for monthly reads, perhaps create a quiz about her book and invite your friends to try it. You might not receive an immediate response, but that's okay. I'm a super fan of the show Firefly, and only about 1 in 10 I recommend the show to will actually try it. Still, that's 1 more than would have, and if that person likes it, maybe they'll recommend it to 10 others, and 1 will try, and then so and so forth and that's why some books gets popular and others don't.

Or at least that's my opinion.

message 3: by Hamilton (new)

Hamilton Hill | 20 comments Great discussion, but the two most important things that put books "on the map" as it were, is (1) a review and (2) Word of Mouth.

I'm pleased to announce that The Roads of Luhonono - Legend of the East Road, has been selected as one of twenty finalists in the UK "Wishing Book Shelf Book Awards" (For the reader age Category 9 - 12 year old) largely through word of mouth, starting I guess with 'teacher pressure' and then peer-to-peer pressure.

The final selection was made by the students and teachers from different UK schools. The final winner will be announced on April 1, 2016 on and Goodreads - and no, it's not an April fool's story.
 photo 9a_zpsjjuj8rs5.jpg

It is said that you may leave Africa but Africa never leaves you. Furthermore, tribal belief has it that if your bloodline is African, then upon death, your soul returns to the birth place of your ancestors.

"Magdalene thinks she is an ordinary American girl in Africa until a black leopard spirit invites her to help out at the crossroad."

message 4: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Frankel | 22 comments A little late to chime in to this, but YES, reviews and word of mouth are probably the best ways. In my own case, I'm traditionally published digitally as well as in print, but by fairly small companies. I've had mostly good to excellent reviews for my novels, but getting the word out is hard...and in the YA genre, there are so many people to compete against!

The biggest factor, everyone tells me, is price. That's why some self-pubbed authors have somewhat more success. They can fix a lower price on their work, whereas the publisher and Amazon set my prices. I have ZERO control over that. Something else for everyone to consider.

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