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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley Banks (RileyBanks) | 1 comments For those of you who write sex scenes in your books, I posted a blog with 5 tips for writing sex scenes that don't make people cringe -

Would love to get some discussion going on it, so here are a few questions for those of you who write about sex.

How do you tackle sex scenes? Is there a set routine you have? Do you write sober or need a drink first? Do you have to get yourself 'in the mood'?

What is the one piece of advice you'd give authors tackling sex scenes for the first time?

What is the biggest mistake you've seen authors make when writing about sex?

What is the most embarrassing sex scene you've read/written?

Have you ever lost touch with reality as a writer?

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Taeuffer (goodreadscompamelataeuffer) | 10 comments Seems like I'm always in the mood when I wrote a sex scene -- maybe it's cyclical! My heavy sex scenes are further out in my series, but when I write them, I begin slowly, very slowly, with a thigh brushing a thigh, a belly touching another, or hand cupping a cheek.

Don't rush into the act, and don't give it up too early in the story.

I think as writers we're all a little weird in our own world, writing the worlds we'd like to be in, so I guess sometimes perhaps I do lose touch.

message 3: by Graham (new)

Graham Downs (grahamdowns) | 2 comments In my last book (a thriller), I went completely out of my comfort zone, and wrote a sex scene. I thought it was very tasteful and tame, and was necessary for the plot. My wife read it, laughed at me (in a loving, supportive way), and proceeded to rip it to shreds. It simply wasn't realistic, and was at times down-right silly. Between the two of us, we came up with a scene that achieved what I wanted to achieve, which we could both read with a straight face, and imagine happening in real life.

This is a really good skill to have, whether you write erotica or not. Thanks Riley!

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