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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
Many Churches and Christians believe that God is done working miracles and we have only our faith to live on. While faith is important, God is still working through His followers. He is healing the broken hearted, He is raising the dead, He heals the sick, and is awakening His Church. He will not stay in Heaven forever! He still moves and we are His movement. I want to encourage all that through God we can do anything, but we must first cultivate a relationship with Him. Then we will know His will and where He wants us in life. So this folder is where you can share stories of Christians being Martyred for Christ, healing that have happened, people set free from addictions, anything that God is doing today.

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
Yeah raising of the dead, like your brother or sister dying, they get prayed for and they come back to life good as new.

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byhera (ordinary) | 20 comments GOD IS ALWAYS IN OUR HEART!!
and never go from us!
but depends your iman...
god always beside ppl who believe him/her. thepoint is believe, and GOD ALWAYS around you. =)

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D.C. wrote: "Many Churches and Christians believe that God is done working miracles and we have only our faith to live on. While faith is important, God is still working through His followers. He is healing the..."

of course... god is in us as we are in him, as we are in the world ,,,as the world is in us... he infuses us with his love and life amnd suport.

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
I have heard of many accounts in Africa. A friend of mine is going there this week, so thats how I know. It's called a basic trust in the body of Christ.

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
Nathan you hear scientists claim all the time to have evidence that supports you cause, though you may never see it. I have seen healings, they have built my faith. Death is not unconquerable in Christ for He destroyed it with His own death and resurrection.

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
Why does everybody think I am living on blind faith? I have plenty of scientific and apologetic material that has convinced me. Of course God moves through technology. I think He gave man the ability to make medicine and create new awesome technologies. I know God is above anything that we can picture or comprehend. What I am saying is that He still supernaturally heals people today. That does not mean to not go to the doctor when you are sick, thats suicide and stupidity. God works through many thing. When i say healings I mean things that science can't heal, such as AID's or cancer(even death). To say God is limited by science is not Biblical. He is everlastingly fresh and I know we will be blown away when we get to heaven.

I want to know why everyone thinks just because I advocate faith that they think I am always talking about blind faith. I encourage all to search out the truth. I have found much truth in Jehovah/Jesus and his Holy Bible. I only do not advocate debate because it solves nothing. Read some of the books I recommend they go against the World's blinded sight.

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♥Jenny♥ They think that we are living on blind faith because they choose to live their life based on logic, and logic alone. They believe that believing in a god that we can't see and "have no proof of" is ridiculous. As for the fact that there IS indeed proof of his existence well, they just choose not to believe it. I however disagree and think that they are wrong. Hopefully, they will one day realize that they are wrong.

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♥Jenny♥ Who, me?

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
It is very Christian to argue with people who are open, those who are not were rebuked in the Bible. Paul would argue but he told the people who would listen. People online who are not open will not listen. The debate people here don't want to hear about God they just want to get a kick out of it. Realize when I say debate I mean online, people will not listen on here. As Jesus said their eyes do not see and their ears do not hear. Only through a personal revelation of God will they truly become a Christian. If you can reason a person into believing in Jesus then you can also reason them out.

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