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message 1: by Diana S (new)

Diana S Here's the spot where we can share are "Tales" from our current walking events.

message 2: by Diana S (last edited May 05, 2014 02:34PM) (new)

Diana S I'm looking forward in participating in World Walking Day Woo Hoo!

message 3: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy-la) | 14 comments I'm going to the Canadian Volkssport Federation's convention in Banff.

message 4: by Diana S (last edited Jun 18, 2014 08:52PM) (new)

Diana S How was the Convention, Joy?
I had a great time at World Walking Day in San Antonio. I'm hoping that they'll have it again next year. My husband and I saw parts of S.A. that we hadn't seen before and we're long-time residents. It was also nice to see different views of favorite buildings and sights downtown. Our little granddaughter was having lots of fun looking at all the wildlife along the walk, especially the ducklings! :)

message 5: by Joy (new)

Joy (joy-la) | 14 comments The convention in Banff was fabulous! It was very well organized and the people were so friendly. We took advantage of all the walking opportunities and saw plenty of wildlife. I posted a picture on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Volks...

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