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message 1: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
It seems like these Chapters might be shorter than what we were used to, so this section will cover four chapters instead of the usual three.

So Malik and Joelle managed to escape from Yder...again. Yder also managed to get his ship stolen, and lost his prisoner. I guess that explains the angry visit from daddy.

As for our brave adventurers, and their plan to get entangled in a divine love triangle, they are being hunted by Yder's men, but it looks like our gnome captain has chosen the path less traveled. Any guesses on what he may be up to? Is he helping the party or looking out for number 1? Oh yeah....there are orcs. Safe bet they aren't here to help smuggle the Eye of Grummsh away.

Enjoy the next section. Looking forward to any thoughts, questions, or criticisms.

message 2: by Mik (new)

Mik Calow (Vobeskhan) | 19 comments I've been pretty quiet on this one so far as I got a little carried away and read the whole book in two weeks.

Yder seems to be a powerful foe with some excellent minions at his disposal but in the best Scooby Doo tradition it always seems to go wrong at the crucial moment.

Now we have Orcs involved in the hunt for the Eye of Gruumsh, which I would have thought would have been on the hunt from the start for their main gods eye.

I loved the pace of this as it began but its beginning to become repetative :-(

message 3: by Chad (new)

Chad Peek (mordrim) | 255 comments Mod
Mik, I am glad you said that because I was having the same thought regarding the pace. I sometimes feel as if the pace of the book makes this adventure seem like a walk in the park with the Eye of a God instead of an actual adventure full of danger.

Anyone else feel as if the pace of the book may be becoming a detriment to what seems like it would make a great story?

message 4: by John (new)

John Hayes (jhayes27) | 159 comments what I noticed is if I sat down and read alot at one time it felt that way, but if I limited myself and forced myself to read it slower and more time spaced out between reading it seemed to help alot.

message 5: by David (new)

David Schwarm (davidschwarm) | 94 comments Mod
@Chad there is clearly a sense of urgency that was not in the other books; and a lot of this rushing is being generated by the characters motivations which I am not sure I 100% understand--which is generally a good thing, but in this book it starts to get confusing.

I am not sure if the Tackle Of the Wall scene is in this or the next section, but to me that is a great example of something that just does not make much sense...Why does Malik do that? If he is trying to kill her there have been a lot more chances to be a lot more discrete, if he is trying to rescue her then why not say that--it just strikes me as a kind of random adventure moment.

Also, the villians remain extremely one dimensional to me--and the addition of the nameless Orc Horde has not helped much--I am not sure I would enjoy a Shadovar/Orc Summit, but showing some of the conflict between these two groups [rather than having the characters theorize] would help a lot.

Overall, regardless of the above negativity, I am really enjoying this book. I find the simplicity of the quest kind of refreshing compared to the complexity and confusion in the other stories. I wish there was more 'god perspective' type conversation or action in which we see the gods as they see themselves and/or the chosen share how they see things--I find those sections the most thought provoking...

I feel like we are very close the end, so I assume a big reveal will occur in the next section....

message 6: by Justin (new)

Justin (berliad) | 106 comments I'm having similar thoughts about the pace. It almost feels like the book could have been twice as long so that we could savor all of the chaos. As it is, cool events like the Leviathan encounter (in previous section) and the battle with the orcs and subsequent flight through the Forest Way (which I'm pretty sure is in this section) seemed to be over as soon as I understood what was going on.

I like Arietta as a character quite a bit, and Joelle is interesting and rather mysterious. Kleef, on the other hand, seems fairly one-dimensional, as does Yder in his all-powerful villain way. Malik clearly has a lot going on as well, as we learned at the end of this section with his big meeting with Cyric. Apparently, Yder was right about that. But I find him so staggeringly unsympathetic that I'm trying to figure out how to be interested in what he's up to.

So...yeah. I'm enjoying the book well enough, but so far I think it's probably the weakest of the Sundering series.

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