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Small shopping center.

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Rachel Sumpter walked in through the automatic doors of the city's mall. She was in desperate need of new boots, and some jeans, and she knew just the place to get them. She took off the jacket she was wearing and set it in a shopping cart, and began to wheel it down the bustling isles of the mall.

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Kylie Miles was searching for some new t shirts and was walking across the aisle without paying attention. He'd been distracted by a cool shirt he saw across the way and accidentally bumps his cart into hers,"Oh! Sorry."

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Emmy came in and had her head phones on, listening to a song that she liked. She wanted to find a jacket, cause Kaden ripped hers that morning.

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Rachel's cart was nocked out of her hands and it sped off down the isle. She let out a short squeal and grabbed it before it got to far. When her cart was safely sitting still, she turned around and faced the boy who had bumped into her. "You're ok, I should of been watching where I was going." she apologized blowing some hair out of her face.

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((order: me, ky, december.))

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Kylie He blushes,"Sorry again though."

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((Should Emmy talk to them?))
Emmy entered the store and looked around, she sighed and walked around.

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"You're okay, really." Rachel reassured earnestly. She smiled and cleared her throat, putting her hands in the pockets of her jeans. "What's your name?" she asked him.

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Kylie ((Sure!))
"Miles." he smiles,"What's yours?"

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((yeah :) ))

Rachel nodded and replied, "Rachel. Rachel Sumpter." she said smiling brightly, and shifting on the heels of her black converse. "It's nice to meet you." she added afterwards.

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Kylie "You too." he smiles,"We're kind of blocking the whole aisle here." he smirks

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Emmy walked up to a group of people talking and thought they worked there, "Can you guys help me?"

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Rachel laughed and scooted her cart over to the side. "you're right." She was about to ask him if they went to school together when another girl asked them a question. "Well I can try." Rachel shrugged.

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Kylie Miles only smiles at the girls mistake. He worked here over the summer so he probably could help,"Are you looking for down thing in particular?"

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"Wait, you guys don't work here? I'm sorry." She apologized and backed away slowly. And looked around.

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"Well I shop here, practically, all the time." Rachel laughed honestly. "So I could probably help." she offered another smile and took her cart in hand. "What are you looking for?"

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Kylie Miles waits for her question patiently

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Kylie Miles waits for her question,"

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Kylie (Whoops sorry))

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((your fine haha))

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((I thought I posted sorry))

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"Ohh, you don't work here, I'm sorry. But I need a new jacket. My brother ripped mine."

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Kylie "Leather jacket?" Miles asks.

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Rachel nodded and tried to remember where jackets would be.

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"Any jacket, Jean jackets are cool though." She smiled.

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((you're fine))

"ok.. yeah- I know where those are." Rachel nodded.

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((Should I post?))

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