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Clear water to swim in, fish, canoe

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Cole sat at the water's edge. He thought about his dream. It was soo realistic he couldn't believe it.

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Chloe thought about the dream as she walked through the woods. She suddenly walking across a tree line, squinting against the harsh glare of the sun off the water. When her eyes finally adjusted, she could see someone sitting on the edge of the water. She smiled when she recoginzed Cole and walked up behind him and said, "Miss me?" She asks, sitting beside him.

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He jumped and grinned over at her, "hey. Yeah I did." He couldn't believe his eyes. She was here?

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She smiled at him, then frowned, looking at the water. "Do you think this is a dream like last time?"

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((I know hard isn't it?))
He looked around, "I don't know. Wait so are you telling me that you remember the last dream. That you really are real?"

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"I'm real. And I hope you are too. Think... We're both at the lake. Why? Do you remember making plans with anyone to come here?"

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He shook his head, "nope. It is my favorite thinking spot though"

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"Do you remember coming here? Because all I remember is being in the woods," She gestured to the trees behind them, "I don't remember going there, though," She looked at the water. "It's a dream. It has to be a dream."

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He nodded, "Yeah I don't remember coming here either. Huh? Do you think that this could be the dream they talk about?"

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"What dream?" She asked, crinkling her eyebrows and looking at him.

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"The one where you meet your soul mate and have a week to find them in the real world."

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She raised her eyebrow at him. "Soul mate? I don't know what your talking about, but it sounds pretty straight forward to me. What happens if you don't find them?"

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"Then you will never find true love they say."

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She opened her mouth to respond, then closed it. "But it's not true, of course. That's like something that would happen in a book or story. It can't happen in real life." She looked down again, "But that is what it seems like."

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He nodded, "Yeah maybe it is just superstition."

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"Oh well. If it's true, then I think we better try to find each other in real life." She said, looking at him. "There's no harm in trying right?"

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He looked over at her, "Yeah I would love to do that."

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"So, if this is a dream, we can do anything we want right?" She asked.

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He thought for a moment, "I think so."

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"Then I'm swimming." She said, taking her shoes and socks off and standing.

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He smiled up at her, "ok I shall watch." He said.

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"You're not going to swim?" She asked, looking down at him.

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He smiled, "would you like me to?"

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"Well, yeah," She said, "It's no fun to swim by yourself. Plus if you're my 'soul mate' I wanna spend some time with you."

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He chuckled and stood up, "ok then." He pulled his shirt off.
((Gtg see ya tomorrow.))

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She stared for a moment at the sight of him without a shirt. Then she smiled at him and said, "You ready?"

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He nodded and slipped into the water turning and watching her with a smile

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She walked in after him, going underwater, savoring the feel of momentary weightlessness before surfacing. Her wet tee shirt stuck to her, so she crouched back down so the water was at her neck, turning to smile at him.

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He grin and knelt down, the water coming up to just bellow the neck.

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She sank underwater again and sat on the ground, digging her fingers into the rocky bottom of the lake. She stayed down as long as she could, then came up, taking a gulp of air and grinning at him.

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He chuckled, "wow you can stay down there for quite a while."

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She grinned, "Big lungs. I play the bass clarinet."

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He grinned back, "Cool."

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She sighed and leaned back, floating on her back and closing her eyes.

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He laid down under the water for a minute before coming back up and wiping the water from his eyes.

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She sat up and looked at him, before raising her hands, forcing water to him in a small splash.

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He laughed and splashed back at her.

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She tried ducking under the water, managing only to take it in her face. She wiped the water from here eyes, then flicked more water his way in a bigger wave.

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He fell back into the water and came back up. He spouted water out of his mouth like a fountain.

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She grinned at him and trailed her fingers along the surface of the water.

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He smiled and swam closer to her. She was really pretty.

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She kept her eyes down, pretending she didn't notice his movement.

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He sat down in the shallower water. He reached down and softened the wet sand in his hand, pretending not to be paying attention to her.

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"Do you like to swim?" She asked suddenly, "You didn't seem like you wanted to swim at first, but you seem perfectly happy swimming."

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He looked up at her, "Yeah I like it. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to do so at first, that and I thought it would be more fun to watch you."

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"Oh." She said, sitting next to him.

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He smiled over at her, "you know I've had a good time dreaming with you."

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"And me of you," She said. Then she laughed slightly, "I almost forgot it was a dream."

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He chuckled, "me too." He scratched his head thoughtfully

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