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Now don't think this folder gives you the freedom to argue, it doesn't. This folder is about the intellectual things that support God's kingdom. Because their are many things that do, scientifically. As Christians we are called to study the Earth and understand the wonder and beauty of it. God created it for our enjoyment. Just as he created reason for our satisfaction. However we has twisted reason to try and forget the God that created us. Forgetting the creator we have worshiped the created.

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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
Well the Bible points to many predestined Scientific discoveries. In the book of Job, it refers to the springs of the sea, these weren't fully discovered until centuries later, and that is just one of many. Also how the Bible is very accurate archeologically proves at least that the Bible writers were not full of it.

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mmm... read anything by Lee Strobel. Cant get much more intellectual then that!

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