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message 1: by Wren, Comics' Biggest Fan (new)

Wren (wrenrichards) | 17 comments Mod
I just found out that the Humble Bundle is selling Image Comics for crazy cheap. I couldn't recommend doing this more. You can get 42 issues of really good comics for a penny. I recommend supporting them as much as you can, but if you can't afford it, that's not your fault.

Out of this list, Saga is the must read. I can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy this book. I also love Fatale and Chew, but I'll be catching up on the rest of these now that they're available to me. Maybe we can do a group reading?

message 2: by Wren, Comics' Biggest Fan (new)

Wren (wrenrichards) | 17 comments Mod
$.01 will get you East of West Volume 1, Fatale Volume 1, Lazarus Volume 1 and Morning Glories Volume 1.

Paying the average (currently $9) gets you Saga Volume 1, Revival Volume 1 and Chew Volume 1.

$15 gets you The Walking Dead Volumes 1 and 20. Maybe you heard of it.

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