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You go to the store to by a ton of candy for a party. You get there and find someone taking all the candy. You...
A. Wouldn't be getting candy in the first place
B. push the person away and grab all the candy
C. Go somewhere else
D. Suggest you split it

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Your best friend just got dumped by his girlfriend. He is really depressed. You...
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On the way to school you see a guy being beat up. You...
A. Block him with your own body
B. are the one beating him up
C. Get the guy to stop beating up the other guy by using calm reasoning

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You are in an inescapable room with a knife and some cheese. You use the knife to...
A. Cut the cheese so you can eat it and not starve
B. ram into the wall and start stabbing it til it collapses
C. Kill yourself so you don't have to slowly die

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You got divergent for amity an dauntless

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Add it to your charrie

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