Rule (Marked Men, #1) Rule question

Shaw or Ayden?
deleted member Apr 29, 2014 01:13PM
I don't know, but I prefer Shaw!!

Shaw - without a doubt! She's just all around goodness with just the right amount of sass. Ayden came across as a little unlikeable and sort of made everything about her - at least in my opinion.

Shaw, she tells it like it is, but Cora is awesome.

Shaw...hands down....


shaw!!! :)

shaw......she is awesome.....i liked the way she loves rule,UNDERSTANDS rule,accepts rule

Shaw. 1st, cool name. 2nd, she's awesome


Shaw!!! hands down

For sure Shaw!

Omg I can not stand Ayden. I really want to understand her and choices she made considering her past life and her current but she made it so frustrating to sympathizes with her. I love Shaw and her take no prisoners attitude. I really connected with her and love for Rule. I am 100% rooting for SHAW!!!

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Definitely Shaw. :)

I preferred Ayden. I liked Shaw for the most part but Ayden was just a stronger person to me.

Yeah and Shaw was understanding with her bff and rule brother who was gay even though she knew that would be another block in her relationship with rule or lack of one.

Shaw I didn't like Ayden she just whine the whole time I couldn't even forced myself to read the whole book.

Shaw!!!!! but i loved Cora and Rome


Team Shaw!!!

Definitely Shaw, Ayden was painful at times. Absolutely LOVED Cora!


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