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Hahahaha hello there Wolf....or should I say Ze'ev.... >:-)

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Oooh ummm I wanted to do something Mermaidy, but we don't have to.... I kind of joined that other group so I could, but I'm having a hard time getting started. I prefer 1x1's over groups....

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Okay...yeah that's fine...I was thinking something like....boy mermaid meets a human girl and is totally fascinated by her. He's never seen a human before. They become friends and explore each other's world. Fall in love, something happens. Idk you got any ideas?

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Yeah! Go for it!! Charries??

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Name: Kai Adair
Nickname: K
Age: 18
Birthday: July 1, 1995


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Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6' 0

Very very curious

History: Kai had lived a normal life for a merman, that is until he rescued a human girl from a shipwreck. He'd been taught to hate humans and always let them drown, but when he saw the ship sinking he just had to do something, save someone, anyone. He'd managed to grab a young girl who looked about his age. She was unconscious but alive when he'd brought her to the surface. He had taken her to shore and rested her gently against the white, hot sand. He waited, far from view, for her to wake up before swimming away. He had longed to talk with her since then, see her again....

-The Ocean
-People, even though he's not supposed to....

-Being told what to do.
-Mean words/Insults

Other: He finds Humans fascinating.

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((He will be in the water soo....what do you think?))

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((Can you?))

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Kai was being especially sneaky today. ever since he had saved that Human from the shipwreck, his people had kept a close eye on him. They weren't allowed to come into contact with them. They were known to be savage beasts who hunted their kind, but when he had looked upon that girl two years ago, he'd seen nothing like that. She seemed...fragile and delicate. He couldn't imagine her being as cruel as his people made her kind seem. What was so bad about Humans anyway? He didn't know. He had snuck out today. He went for a swim when he was supposed to be back at home, working on whatever assignment he had procrastinated on. He swam closer to the shore than usual, feeling especially defiant. He knew he wasn't supposed to go this close, but he really didn't care. He heard some kind of noise....humming maybe? He didn't know what it was. He drew a little closer to it, his curiosity edging him on, like it always did.

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Kai was confused when the humming stopped suddenly. He brought his head up slowly from the water to see what had happened. He gasped and immediately submerged himself in the water when he saw someone. A human. He couldn't believe it! He'd actually seen one. He slowly came back up and just peeked at it. He saw her long brown hair and her tan skin. What was she doing anyway? Then he saw the turtle in her hand, it was just a baby. Was she saving it? Why would a human savage save a baby turtle? It didn't make sense to him. It was just more proof that Humans weren't what his people said they were. There was something eerily familiar about this female..... And something beautiful too. He wished he could see her face, but she was facing away from him at the moment.

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Kai saw the human turn toward him and he ducked down a little bit, but still watched. She walked towards the waters edge with her....legs!! She had legs!! How cool was that?! He found himself staring at them, completely mesmerized. They were so interesting and beautiful even. His gaze shifted to her face when she crouched at the water. His eyes widened as he realized just who she was. She looked older now, more mature and certainly more beautiful...but she was definitely the girl he had saved two years ago from the shipwreck. He couldn't believe it. What were the odds of him swimming into her again? It was unbelievable to him. He gazed at her as she freed the turtle into the ocean. He was amazed by her tender actions. She was not a monster.

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Kai watched in horror as a boy/man thing came up behind her and grabbed her much lower than would have been appropriate. It took everything in Kai not to chuck something at this person, but it may have hit...her. He decided against it and watched as he threw her into the water. Suddenly, memories of the shipwreck came back. What had happened the last time she was in water? She nearly drowned. Why? Because she couldn't swim. He ducked back under the water and spotted her immediately. He moved swiftly through the water towards her, and once he reached her he wrapped his arms around her and swam a little further down shore, but then came up because he knew she would need to breathe. He emerged from the surface of the water, looking around for people but he didn't see any. Even that coward had gone. It was just Kai and the girl. He had one hand behind her...knees? And one behind her back. He held her close, careful not to let her go under again.

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Kai looked deep into the ocean blue eyes of this girl that was in his arms. He was holding her tight and she was doing the same to him. He stared at her for a moment, remembering the first time he'd seen her and then admiring how much she had changed since then. "Are you okay?" He asks, finally pulling himself from his trance. He glanced down at her to check for any injuries. His gaze lingered on her legs, but not in a weird way, it was simply because he was so intrigued. He was tempted to touch them when he saw a bit of blood trickling from her hand. He took her hand in his and examined the small cut that was on it as he waited for an answer.

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Kai could feel the girl pulling her hand away from him, but he didn't let her succeed. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it very gently. In just a matter of seconds, the cut was healed completely. She would know what he was after that, that is if she didn't know already. She had said she was flustered, but he was still worried. He could feel an attatchment growing for this girl. Meeting once? He could let it go. But twice? No way. "What's your name?" He asked next, setting her little hand back against his chest where she'd been resting it before.

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Kai listened intently for her name. He'd wondered for two whole years about her and now....he could ask her anything he wanted. Baylor He smiled wide, but he couldn't help it. Her name was gorgeous just like....her. He noticed the pink on her cheeks and was fascinated. Why were her cheeks pink now? He reached out to touch it but then stopped when he felt her hands in his hair. He retracted his hand and glanced up to watch her tiny little hands play with his dark brown hair. He glanced back down at her. She was smiling and it just seemed to light up the whole world. If it would make her smile, he would let her do anything she wanted. "I'm Kai." He says quietly, so as not to disturb her.

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Kai was kind of disappointed when she stopped playing with his hair and he hoped it didn't show. He pulled his arm out from under her knees and held her to his chest so that she wouldn't go under. He reached for a piece of her hair and twirled it between his fingers. He was completely fascinated by her. He'd only been this close to a Human once before and that was with her too, but then he was younger and more afraid than curious. Now, his curiosity threatened to consume him. He couldn't help but be surprised by how soft her hair was. It was beautiful. He looked up into her eyes and wasn't sure if he was scaring her by touching her so he let the hair slip from his fingers. He looked away, feeling sheepish. "Sorry..." He murmured softly.

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Kai heard her speak up and tell him that it was okay. That meant that she had accepted his apology, right? He looked at her once more and saw a pink color in her cheeks. He stroked her cheek lightly, his eyes wide with curiosity. Her skin was extremely soft against his. "Why do you turn pink?" He asked, unable to keep a lid on the question any longer. Why was it that she changed colors. He just had to know. He hadn't been allowed to wonder about the Humans before, let alone ask questions, so now was his chance. He could ask her anything. Anything at all and maybe she would answer? Even if she didn't, he was closer to a human than he ever had been before!

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Kai watched in amazement as Baylor's cheeks turned from pink to red. He smiled, completely amused by her ever changing shades of color. Her skin felt much warmer to the touch now. He dropped his hand and wrapped it back around her waist, his eyes widening as she leaned towards him. You don't blush? That's what she had asked. So that's what it was called! Blush! He remembered vaguely learning about it back in school, but that was about it. He'd certainly never seen it in real life before. His society was much too serious for blushing. He felt her thumb brush against his cheek and whenever she touched his face, a warm heat rose up. He was totally blushing now. "Not really..." He whispered back, completely focused on the feeling of her skin against his.

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Kai couldn't believe that she was touching him. He never thought he would ever be that close to a human again, and this time he wasn't going to run away. He was going to stick with her as long as he could and maybe they could talk for a bit? That would be nice. He felt her pattern change to circles and his cheeks burned much more than before. He kind of wanted her to stop and he kind of didn't. He touch was gentle and kind so he wasn't intimidated by just...made him feel, which is what his society worked hard to contain. Feelings are dangerous and need to be kept inside, that's what his society always claimed, but Kai wasn't so sure anymore. "How old are you?" He asked, not even able to guess her age because he wasn't aware of how Humans aged. She looked about his age, maybe around 18, but for all he knew she could be 60 years old!

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Kai's heart was hammering in his chest, but he wasn't afraid or angry. What was this he was feeling? He didn't quite understand. He waited patiently for her to answer his question. What would she say? He had to know. Then he got distracted. She brushed her fingers against his jawline and his heart started beating faster. He felt warm all over. What was she doing to him? Was she magical or something? He knew magic wasn't real, but he just didn't understand. Her hand rested against his cheek again and only then did her answer register in his mind. She'd said she was seventeen. He smiled wide. "Eighteen." He said simply, knowing she would understand what he meant. He couldn't believe they were so close in age, it was such a coincidence....

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Kai loved the fact that they were so close in age. The idea of it really is what made him smile and the fact that it was real? That made it even better. He smiled at her and couldn't seem to stop. Here he was holding a Human in his arms and he was having...emotions and feelings. It was all crazy and he knew he'd be dead if anyone ever found out, but who was here to see them? There wasn't anyone around so he didn't worry. He heard her start to thank him...and then she leaned closer. Or was that him? Or was it just the moving water? He watched her intently. Surely she wasn't...and then he heard what she whispered right before she kissed him. He'd never been kissed before, not even on the cheek. It was strictly forbidden in his society. He closed his eyes and focused on imprinting the memory of the kiss in his mind. He wanted to remember it. He opened his eyes when he felt her pull away. He realized he hadn't responded and he fought to come up with something to say. "You're....well...I wasn't a all." He said finally as he finally regained his attentiveness. He saw that they were still a ways out into the Ocean and he wasn't sure if she wanted him to take her back to shore, so he asked. "Do you want me to take you back to the shore?" He knew it was forbidden to get close to the shore too. Wow, he sure was breaking a lot of rules today. It had to be a new record.

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Kai couldn't believe that she had actually kissed him. Kisses were something forbidden and wonderful and special.... So why did she kiss him? He couldn't be sure. He'd never had a reason to kiss someone before, but maybe she did. Maybe it was for the reason she told him. For saving her. Again. Just thinking about what she had whispered made him smile and she was smiling too, her cheeks turning red again. He loved that. It was very pretty. He wanted to touch her face, like she had done, but he didn't want to scare her and he was pretty sure that's what would happen. He looked into her pretty blue eyes and couldn't help but recognize the ocean hues in them. They were stunning. He nodded when she said that she wanted to go back to shore. He felt her nuzzling against him and he smiled wide and cradled her to his chest. He certainly wasn't going to drop her. He swam towards the shore slowly, not wanting to go too fast and freak her out. He stopped though when he reached the drop off. The sandbars would allow her to stand up here, but he didn't release her. He just stayed there, staring at the shore and wading water. He couldn't take her all the way there, it wasn't allowed.

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Kai swam as slowly as he could and eventually made it to the drop off. This was the moment where he made the decision. Would he go all the way to shore or just leave her to swim in alone? The decision was made when Baylor started shaking her head. It was obvious that she was afraid and he didn't blame her one little bit. She'd almost drown a few years ago and had loved through that again today. No matter how strange it seemed to him, he could see why the water frightened her so much. He simply nodded and held her close as he started swimming again, towards the shore. The water was diminishing as he swam to the sand of the beach, the water becoming ever more shallow. It was difficult, but after a few minutes, he'd made it all the way, breaking yet another forbidden rule. He laid her in the sand, half do his body in the water and half not. The dry sand felt weird against his wet skin. He'd never done anything like this and it was all new to him. The breeze, the dryness of everything. How did Humans live like that? He had no idea.

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