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Beth (bethorne) | 310 comments Mod
Our pick for May 2014 is going to be a movie soon! Let's get talking.

Beth (bethorne) | 310 comments Mod
Has anyone gotten their copy of Not a Drop to Drink yet? MAYBE ... just maaayyybeee we will be doing a read a long before the hangout in a couple of weeks!!

message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (iamtgar) | 26 comments Mod
I have mine!

message 4: by Carter (new)

Carter (thekitchenette) | 1 comments Picking it up from the library today! Haven't gotten the other book though, will have to see if I can fit both in...

Beth (bethorne) | 310 comments Mod
I'm starting it tonight! Check twitter for readalong news.

Kathryn | 62 comments Thoughts: I think this would make a really good movie. And stop already with your J Law dream casting. It's not gonna happen.
I was really happy to finally (again) read a YA book that was stand alone and not part of a series. That said, I also wanted more at the end - Hunger Games goes on to larger scale, not just their own neck of the woods. But the epilogue does wrap up nicely and ultimately I'm glad for that even though I wonder.
Holy page 295 with Eli. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when that happened. I do think the scene with (view spoiler) was very apropos and within character.
The author has age writing issues. At the start, both Lynn and Eli seem MUCH younger than their 16 years (especially Lynn). Lucy also seems WAY older than 5 the entire time. My only issue with Lucy was saying she was 5. She would have been a perfectly plausible 8 or 9 yo.
Someone said somewhere (twitter?) that Mother was how Katniss would be as a mom. <--- so right on with that statement.

Kathryn | 62 comments Just went to add this to my books on the main page and it's "Not a Drop to Drink #1" ruh roh! spoke too soon! and I was so excited this wasn't a series...

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