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<.I.> First Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Middle Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Last Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Age: <./.I>
<.I.> Birthday: <./.I>
<.I.> Personality: <./.I> {3-5 sentences}
<.I.> History: <./.I> {5-7 sentences}
<.b.> Appearance: <./.b> {No anime}
<.img src=""width="140" height="100" alt="description"/.>
<.I.> -Eyes: <./.i>
<.I.> -Hair: <./.I>
<.I.> -Height: <./.I>
-Weight: <./I.>
<.I.> -Markings/tattoo/etc.: <./.I>
<.I.> Relationship status: <./.I>
<.I.> Sexuality: <./.I>
<.I.> Other info: <./.I>

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Kylie ~* PLEASE NOTE for every two female characters you must create a male character *~

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Kylie description




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яєуηα™ (reynatm) | 22 comments ♔ ➳Ƙƴℓιє➳♔ wrote: ""

I already have Grant Gustin as a face claim :P

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Kylie GAHHH! Jess!!

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Kylie BLEH! XD

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Reyna i love you for your fanominal sense of piecing character faces. XD

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First Name: Rachel
Middle Name: Bailey
Last Name: Sumpter
Age: 17
Birthday: June, 7
✧ Eyes: Her right eyes is light green and her left is light blue
✧ Hair Color: Honey brown
✧ Hair Length: To The Bottom Of Her Spine
✧ Height: 5' 7"
✧ Weight: 114lbs
✧ Skin Type: Warm Complexion, Medium Toned

Rachel was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. The doctors locally did everything they could to help her, but most were too scared to do any surgery. So Rachel's father decided to pack up their things and move here when she was 7. But the change from quiet country life to the loud city was too much for Rachel's mother to take. She began to get throbbing headaches and stomach pains. Not wanting to leave her child though, she remained and didn't complain. Then one day she became sick with pneumonia and closed her eyes for the last time. Rachel, being 8 and 1/2 at the time, was staying at the hospital getting treated while this went on. She began to notice however, that her mother had stopped visiting she asked her father where she was. Not wanting to trouble his child any further he lied and just said that she had to visit a friend. The following months Rachel's condition worsened, pushing the doctors to operate. Age 9 she laid down on the operating table and fell into a deep sleep. She woke up days later with a huge headache, but the tumor was gone. Finally she was able to come home and live a normal life. Once her condition was stable her father told her the truth about her mother, she cried for weeks on end, but after that she never did. She was stronger than she had been when she was younger. To this day Rachel lives a normal life, aside from headaches she gets time to time.

Rachel is very head strong and brave. She was never shy, even though most of her life consisted of hospitals. She's always the first one to break the silence with a witty comment, and she loves to spend time with her dad. You can always find her in a group of friends, or reading alone in a quiet nook. She values time alone as equally as she loves to be around other people. She tries her best to be kind and non-judgmental of others- unless you give her a reason to be otherwise. In dealing with all the drama of her condition Rachel got into art and music. She constantly doodled an pieces of paper and always asked the nurses to turn on her mini radio before they left. According to her father, music and art (and himself of course) were the two things that helped her through her cancer treatments.

☼ Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, Dancing
☼ Indie, Pop, Some Alternitive, Music
☼ Reading
☼ Puns
☼ Telling Jokes
☼ Holding Hands
☼ Cold Weather
☼ Closed Spaces

☂ Swearing
☂ Being Told What To Do/ Bossy People
☂ Wide Open Spaces
☂ People Without A Sense Of Humor
☂ Running
☂ Essays
☂ Causing Her Father To Worry


Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Other info:

☞Owns a cat named Ash.
☞During the surgery the doctors had done to remove her cancer, they accidentally hit a nerve, which caused one of Rachel's eyes to turn light green. (view spoiler)

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Morgan Gah can I make a guy for her Jess?? :3

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Yeah go for it :)

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♔ ➳Ƙƴℓιє➳♔ wrote: ""

he is so beautiful don't delete that post ever

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Kylie XD

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Morgan Okie I have Colton Haynes and Jesse Williams open for face claims

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Kylie description




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Kylie description
{General Information}
{First Name}☽ Miles
{Middle Name}☽Blake
{Last Name}☽Denton
{Birthday}☽September, 23

{Eyes}☽ Blue
{Hair Color}☽Dark brown
{Height}☽ 6'3
{Skin Type}☽Tanned
{Markings/Tattoos}☽ None

Miles was born to a single Mom in Kansas. He was put up for adoption and adopted by a couple who later moved here. He was glad for a change of pace and to go somewhere where no one knew him. Although he has never met his real Mom he doesn't much care to meet her- he is happy with his adoptive family. He is glad to be in the city and likes making new friends with people but also is nervous about when he starts dreaming because he hates unorganized things. His greatest fear is that he won't be able to find the person he loves.


-Community Service

-Doing the wrong thing

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Mzzie (mezle) Name: Melody Cain
Nickname: Lidy
Age: 17
Birthday: December 25

Personality: She's a girly girl that loves sports and adventure. She's happy, energetic, highly optimistic, childish, sentimental and can get hurt easily, but she tries not to show it, but most of the times it's hard for her not to show it, because she wears her heart on her sleeves. She's honest, passionate and loyal. Smart and loves to study and learn new things.

History: She comes from a classy family that loves hard work and traditions. A family of respect and discipline that also shows love and unity. A family that always inspires to do great things in their everyday lives and have great expectations for every family member. This is why she was introduce to ballet at the age of 5 and violin at the age of 8. In hopes of instilling in her responsibility. Her family comes from a long line of doctors, so it's quite expected of her to become one as well. It's well and good to her though because she actually does enjoy it, but she also has the love of dancing and secretly she would love to continue towards that goal, to become a professional ballet dancer.

Appearance: Long curly ginger hair color(Hair reaches her hips in a V shaped cut. Like her mom), tall (5'10") and curvy (Triangle shaped figure) Crystal blue eye color, porcelain skin with freckles on her cheeks. Full lips and a button nose.
Added info: Her favorite color is baby blue. She loves to dance, but she leans more towards ballet. And has been a ballet dancer since she was 5. She plays the violin since she was 8. She's never been in a relationship.

Eye color: Crystal blue
Hair: Long curly ginger color
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 126
Markings/tattoos: None
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight.

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Mzzie (mezle) Name: Jonathan
Nickname: Jay
Middle name: None
Last name: Winters
Age: 17
Birthday: June 15

Personality: Flirty, - he loves to flirt - witty, sarcastic, loves sports especially basketball and is quite good at it. Good sense of humor and loves to prank others. He's very confident - some would say a little to much - Smart and analytically, loves to roller skate. Honest and passionate, he can be a little mean at times. Very protective towards those closest to him.

History: He has a very down to earth type of family, hard workers that earn their living by working in jobs they love best, teaching and counseling students. He has a family that does anything to keep family time intact. So he comes from a well balanced family, honest people that only tries to do their best in life. Raising Jay and his sister with love and teaching them to respect others. His parents wish for Jay (and his sister) happiness and for him to always follow his hart and to work hard for what he wants. They always say: The most important things are worth fitting for. And that's what they teach him.

Appearance: White color skin, blonde color short hair with light blue eye color. He has a small birthmark on his left cheek. Oval face shape, medium cheek height.

width= 140
height= 5'9"
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blond
Markings/tattoo/etc.: Small birthmark on his left cheek
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight

Other info: He loves chocolate ship ice cream and rice crispy treats. He break dances, he actually likes to cook.

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Morgan ▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸▷▸


{William Tanner Quinn}
Nickname(s):Will, Quinn

{Age} 18
❧Date of Birth: May 18th

❧Sexuality: Pansexual
❧Relationship Status: Complicated
❧Crush: None


(view spoiler)
█ ◘Facial Claim Colton Haynes
█ ◘Complexion Clear
█ ◘Hair Color Light Brown
█ ◘Hair Length Short
█ ◘Eye Color Light Blue
█ ◘Body Type Toned
█ ◘Height 5'9''
█ ◘Weight 196
█ ◘Markings/Imperfections Birthmark across his left hipbone


[Positive Traits]
⇧Work Ethic
[Negative Traits]
⇩ Slut
⇩Full of Himself
[Fatal Flaw]
[Biggest Secret]
His Past

Will's story changes every time about how he was raised in a wealthy family but he'd been cheated of his fortunes by his sniveling siblings. But very few are allowed to know the truth, and rarely does he reveal his true past unless he's angered, or feels inclined to do so. His mother was a victim of date rape, and when he was born he was taken care of rather nicely by her parents, but then she came back into his life, which wasn't for his own good. He was enchanted by the woman who spun tails of her life, telling him of all the places she'd been. Surprisingly he hadn't been bitter about being left behind, though he knew for sure he wanted this woman in his life. But as soon as he begun to think such thoughts she was gone. Gone as if she'd never arrived. His grandparents shrugged it off saying that's how she'd been all her life. Running from problems. Which is when he began to think he himself was a problem, which no doubt angered him. Throughout his teen years his mother continued to walk in and out of his life, leaving behind a broken hearted son each time. Perhaps that's why he enjoys playing with people's feelings, it decreases his chances of ever getting hurt.

Father~ Unknown
Mother~Grace Quinn
Raised by his Grandparents Luis and Mariel



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Allie Pinto | 31 comments <.I.> First Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Middle Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Last Name: <./.I>
<.I.> Age: <./.I>
<.I.> Birthday: <./.I>
<.I.> Personality: <./.I> {3-5 sentences}
<.I.> History: <./.I> {5-7 sentences}
<.b.> Appearance: <./.b> {No anime}
<.img src=""width="140" height="100" alt="description"/.>
<.I.> -Eyes: <./.i>
<.I.> -Hair: <./.I>
<.I.> -Height: <./.I>
-Weight: <./I.>
<.I.> -Markings/tattoo/etc.: <./.I>
<.I.> Relationship status: <./.I>
<.I.> Sexuality: <./.I>
<.I.> Other info: <./.I>

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Crimson_Indigo | Moonshine (backinblack) | 4 comments I finished my character already.

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⚖ღ♪Ata♪ღ⚖ First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Personality: {3-5 sentences}
History: {5-7 sentences}
Appearance: {No anime}

Relationship status:
Other info:

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