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musiclover | 14 comments "Hello"

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musiclover | 14 comments (Oh my bad. I'll create one right now in a bit.)

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musiclover | 14 comments (I'll let you know when I'm done)

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Aspen crossed the garden, spotting her friend siting nearby.
"Hey!" She called out, bouncing to him.

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((Its ok. I was asleep anyway))

"Suun, My man. What's up?" Aspen flopped down on the fountain next to him, almost falling in. She rightened herself at the last moment. "Meant to do that." She informed Suun

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"Oh, you know, pretty good. A little bored but hey, what are you gonna do 'bout that." She shrugged. "I broke an arrow shooting yesterday, the point stuck in the target."

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"Preach it, brother!" Aspen laughed. "Hows archery been coming along for you?"

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"A good soldier knows his way around two weapons." Aspen teased him, flicking his hair.

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"Hey! Never mess up a girls hair!" Aspen laughed at him. "You'll never get a girlfriend."

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"Aww honey." Aspen batted her eyelashes and hugged him, hiding her laughtet at his antics.

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Aspen shrieked as her purple shirt became soaked. Her shriek quickly turned into a laugh.
"See what I mean? No girlfriend for you!"

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"Suun!" Aspen complained. She smiled devilishly and tackled him down into the water.

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Aspen laughed and pushed Suun against the fountain. She smiled flirtatiously and kissed his cheek before surfacig

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"I haven't been to the pool in ages. It was refreshing." Aspen agreed. She rung her brown hair out as best she could.

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Aspen caught his look. "Everything okay?" She asked, flipping her wet hair over her shoulders.

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"Awww. Your too cute when you blush!" Aspen grinned at him, poking his shoulder

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Aspen hid behind her dripping hair. "Please. I'm never cute. Stop lying." She begged him.

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"Please. Just stop!" Aspen bit her lip to keep a sob back. Her parents had always told her 'we should have picked a more attractive one' before smashing a beer bottle near her head, or slamming her against a wall.

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"Perfectly fine." Aspen snapped, picking at her cloths

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"My adoptive parents. They beat me, you know." Aspen confessed, choking back tears. Crying was a weakness.

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((Might be interesting. But she ran away from her parents. Mayne her memories are modified?))

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"I.." Aspen frowned. She was sudenly pulling blanks. She couldn't remember it clearly.

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"There was someone......." Aspen squinted into her memory. "Right before I decided to run away."

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"Wait. Wait. Wait. You KNOW SOMETHING? Don't you?" Aspen raised her voice.

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"Yes, you do. Don't lie!" Aspen shrieked

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Aspen wanted to cry, but instead she stood up and chased Suun.

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Aspen cut a corner, speeding after Suun. She pushed people out of her way, her feet slamming against the pavement as fast as lightning

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Kaylabd | 100 comments ((sup guys I'm crashing the party)) Izumiko was walking down the outlines of the backstreet. She could hear yelling, and was unconsciously following it, seeing a very pissed off girl and a cowering boy when she got to the destination.

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"Tell me, goddang it!" Aspen slammed her palm hard into Suun's chest. "Tell me what you know!"

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Kaylabd | 100 comments Izumiko raised her eyebrows, before looking at the girl. "You okay?"

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Kaylabd | 100 comments ((KK))

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(Aspen feels led on Lolz. Its cool)

"Get away. Leave me alone." Aspen jerked away from the girl and readied herself to climb the wall. She had been with the extortionists for 13 years. She could climb the wall just as well as Suun.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Geez, sorry," Izzi ((her nickname. Izumiko takes too long to write >_<)) muttered. Her silver hair fell out of her hat, and she groaned, putting it back in as she watched the girl angrily run after the guy.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Gah!" Izzi jumped. "Wait, hold on.. What? How?"

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Uh.. Yeah?" Izzi said, in a "duh" voice. She grimaced quietly when she saw that she barely reached his shoulder. The joys of being short.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Izumiko. Call me Izzi or Miki," she replied. "Nice to meet you, Suun." Izzi smiled for good measure.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "U-uh..," Izzi blushed. "Thanks? Not sure that Aspen girl would appreciate that, though."

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Okay..." This guy is a little weird, she decided. Izzi rubbed at her eye.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "So.. What?" Izzi raised an eyebrow.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments ((Okay)) Izzi sighed. "No denying it, you may be cute but you're clueless."

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Kaylabd | 100 comments Izzi rolled her eyes, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Have fun getting chased down!" She called as she walked out of the alley.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments ((She can if you want to)) Izzi rolled her eyes, "Cute yet clueless." She sighed. "I wanted to do it, problem?"

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Clueless," she sang. "I want to go on a date with you." Izzi rolled on the balls of her feet.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies," Izzi laughed.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Hmm.. Diner?" Izzi asked.

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Kaylabd | 100 comments "Cool," she glanced at their hands. ((I post first?))

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Kaylabd | 100 comments ((Posted))

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Hikaru paced slowly in front of the school exterior. He looked down at the ground as he twiddled his thumbs. As each foot hit the ground, barely any sound was made. He wasn't really paying any attention to the things around him. He was to lost in thought. That had been happening a lot lately, but he didn't care. Hikaru glanced at the horizon. The sun was just coming up. He didn't really know why he decided to come out here so early in the morning, but he'd been having trouble sleeping lately, and it was starting to become sort of obvious. He had bags under his eyes and he was becoming more pale. Well, paler than he already was.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Hikaru came out of his thoughts for a moment and saw another boy sitting on a fountain. In the back of his mind, he wondered what book the boy was reading. Hikaru shook his head to himself and wrung his hands together. His pointy ears suddenly perked up when he remembered that he had left his swords in his dorm. he almost groaned out loud in frustration. How could he forget them?!
Idiot. He thought to himself as he tugged down the black sleeves of his long jacket.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Hikaru scowled as he saw the other boy laugh to himself. What was he laughing at? Considering that their wasn't any other person around, he deduced it down to either the book, or himself. He sighed and ran a hand through his messy black hair. Of course his hair had to be the only thing that he didn't freak out about when it was messy or out of place. Speaking of which, the boy was holding his book crookedly.
Really? The logical side of him thought. You're freaking out about a book?
Yes! The OCD half of him countered back. If you're going to read a book, read it right!
And now he was having a conversation with himself. Next thing he knew, he was probably going to end up in a mental hospital before he even graduated from becoming an esquire.

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