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message 1: by Rahul (new)

Rahul Verma | 2 comments Hello guys, I am Rahul
Recently I submitted my manuscript to some publishing companies and 2 of them mailed me and approved my manuscript.
But I am not sure about the publishing company, if you can help me please give your review about those houses. Their names are ROMAN BOOKS and POWER PUBLISHERS.

message 2: by M.P. (new)

M.P. Sharma (mpsharmaauthor) | 3 comments Hi Rahul,

I would suggest you do a through search on them via Google. I nearly fell into a scam with my film script. They looked very legit until I started searching on them via search engines & discussion boards. Otherwise, I hope it all goes well for you!

message 3: by Rahul (new)

Rahul Verma | 2 comments I did a little research on them, they happened to be a publishing companies for many novels. But unfortunately their marketing strategies are not so wide, they are mostly dependent on the online selling thing.
Do you think it will be a good choice to go with them?

message 4: by M.P. (new)

M.P. Sharma (mpsharmaauthor) | 3 comments Hi Rahul,

Ultimately, the decision is one you will have to make of course, all I can talk about revolves around the experiences I have had as a journo/writer.

As a first time novelist, your biggest challenge is going to be getting your work out there and getting people to recognise you.

Online selling is a large part of the market now, and at least the publishing house will conduct some advertising on your behalf (I would guess so?). I would suggest questioning them on their marketing strategies and ensuring that you are aware of the associated costs (if any) in advance so you don't get caught out.

Hope this helps :)

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