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Arabian Nights for young adult

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Janice Killian What is the best version of the Tales of the Arabian Nights for middle grade to young adult readers? I want one that includes Sheherezade. I want one that is not completely dumbed down for kids.

Catherine Shortell Try "The Storyteller's Daughter" by Cameron Dokey. I really liked it.

Janice Killian I have read that. It is good. I remember that it was mostly about Sheherazade and her story. I also want some of the more well known talss such as Aladdin and the majic lamp, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Sinbad the sailer, etc. I didn't think it had those in it. It has been several years since I read The Storytellers Daughter. I will definitely look back at it. Thanks for reminding me about it.

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Stephen Fish According to wikipedia, those 3 stories weren't part of the original text in Arabic but were added in by European translators later on.

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Catherine Shortell That's awesome! I never would have guessed
those stories had European origins.

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