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message 1: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
How does everyone feel about the big EU news?

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex (littlefirepit) I'm mostly excited that future books'll be OFFICIALLY canon from now on. It always seemed like the EU as it was wasn't ever completely canon, though it was internally consistent.

message 3: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments Since some aspects of the EU will be contradicted in the films/series while others elements may be used, I like the idea of referring to the EU stories as "Legends" while not totally discarding them. The stories are not in a different universe, but these are legends within the universe that may or may not have happened.

message 4: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
I think the news that all books and comics going forward will be as much canon as the movies is awesome. I do wonder how long they will be able to maintain that stance. The more they add to the library the harder it will be. It's hard for me to believe they won't override a book in the future if it is in the best interest of a movie or tv show.

message 5: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments I agree, Aaron. Do we really believe that a movie made five or more years from now will have to stay true to everything mentioned in a 2014 novel?

message 6: by Scott (new)

Scott | 5 comments Although I was presently surprised that they said all books will be canon, I too find it hard to believe they will keep that policy going during the movie media blitz. I hope they don't pull the carpet from underneath us by saying it doesn't count later on. Its also great the old books will be kept in print.

I also think (hope) they might be able to designate some of the older material that doesn't contradict anything as canon such as Shadows of the Empire and Dark Forces at some point in the future. Remember how the some of the Marvel stuff worked its way back in to C-Canon? I think it could be a similar deal here.

Stoked they kept Luceno on for one of the new novels! Should be good.

message 7: by Travis (new)

Travis | 116 comments I don't concern myself as much over what's canon as everyone else. If it's a good book with good characters, story, and plot, what difference does it really make? I, like Bruce in a previous comment, like the idea of referring to existing stories as "Legends". The characters in most of the novels could realistically be viewed as legendary in the Star Wars universe so of course there would be legends, tall tales, whatever created about them.

One question I have, that may be answered somewhere in the announcement but I haven't seen it, is what about the stories that already take place in between the original six movies? They had just started a series, "Empire and Rebellion", taking place between Episodes 4 and 5. And Star Wars: Scoundrels was one of the best recent Star Wars books I've read, which takes place in the same time period. Presumably these stories were written without contradicting the canon (movies and TV shows) so they should already count as canon, correct?

message 8: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments Travis, I don't know if the most recent novels are canon, but @DelReyStarWars just tweeted that the seven movie novelizations, including The Clone Wars, are canon.

message 9: by Dominic (new)

Dominic (dnardi) Scott, that to me was the most disappointing thing about the announcement. I get that post-ROTJ had to go, but why not keep SOTE or Kenobi or Empire & Rebellion? It seems like keeping some of those standalone stories would only help. I'd like to see the story group over the next year try to bring some of those books into the new canon. I mean, after all, doesn't Disney want to keep selling those books? The "Legends" banner is going to be like a mark of doom for books going forward, so I'd think they'd want to slap it on as few works as possible.

message 10: by Dominic (new)

Dominic (dnardi) Bruce wrote: "Travis, I don't know if the most recent novels are canon, but @DelReyStarWars just tweeted that the seven movie novelizations, including The Clone Wars, are canon."

Nope, even those new books didn't make the jump.

message 11: by Casey (new)

Casey (audiobookcasey) | 3 comments New to the group.

I was very happy to see Friday's news in part because it contained announcements of new books. I am happy to see that everything will exist o the same level of canon going forward. Although I do have to agree with the previous comment that the more things that get added, the harder that will be. You can't predict what a filmmaker will want to do in 10 years but I'm willing to give them credit for the attempt.

I'm even fine with the Legends name. In fact, I find it quite appropriate. As also was mentioned previously think of the legends as tall tales and it still kind of all works.

Besides, I don't think the new films going forward, even if they span all eras will necessarily end up conflicting with some of what we've already been given in the EU. I don't know that there is going to be a movie that makes the events of Darth Plagueis or Kenobi impossible to have occurred but I could be wrong.

What I think will be most interesting is how big an impact the EU has on how people view the upcoming films. I wasn't a fan of the prequels outside of ROTS but I think one reason that they weren't received very well had to do with the fact that for a lot of people they had all that time to imagine in their heads what the prequels would be like. From the end of Jedi in 1983 to the announcement that the prequels would be made is a long long time to have sit and wondered what happened that led to Vader's fall to the dark side. That didn't apply to me as I came to Star Wars later in life but what you hope for is sometimes hard to let go of when you see what really ends up on the screen.

That same thing is also in play with the sequel trilogy. Only we also have a wealth of post ROTJ reading material that people have gotten attached to over the years. I think there is going to be a segment of people who read the EU that will see episode VII and think...the Thrawn books were better. They will then take that thought and post it all over the internet. Obviously not everyone will fall in to that category but I predict it will be a vocal group that might be larger than a lot of people think.

Combine people's imagined visions for a sequel trilogy with the fondness other people will still have for that EU material and Episode VII might have an uphill climb to win people over. We shall see. Personally, I'm looking forward to the ride.

message 12: by Travis (new)

Travis | 116 comments Casey wrote: "New to the group.

I was very happy to see Friday's news in part because it contained announcements of new books. I am happy to see that everything will exist o the same level of canon going forwar..."

Welcome to the group Casey.

Going along with your comments about the Thrawn trilogy, I bet most of those people that will post saying it was better than the new movies would still post that the books were better even if they made the Thrawn trilogy into movies. Some people just won't be satisfied. I would rather have new stories for the movies than filming some note-for-note retelling of existing material. We already know what happens in the Thrawn trilogy, and all of the existing EU books for that matter. We already have visions in our heads of what new characters and worlds look like. Do we really need a movie to create its own vision for those same things and force us to accept that vision instead of our own? That was why so many people disliked the prequels, because the actual movies didn't match what was in their heads (like you suggest in your comment, we all had a long time to contemplate it). And that's part of the beauty of books over visual media. Plus I wouldn't look forward to a swarm of angry posts about how they miscast Thrawn or didn't get the peak of Mount Tantiss just right. Hopefully my post doesn't come off as simply inverse complaining :)

message 13: by Eixam (new)

Eixam | 25 comments Well for my take ion the EU is simple. I love the universe of Star Wars and I like to read about it either books, graphic novels etc. I think the announcement about the EU could have been put out a lot better. Something along the lines where while the current EU will not affect the stories line coming up for the new films and other stories , Lucas Film would maintain the characters from the EU to be maybe use in upcoming novels and or movies. That way at least the characters would survive the cannon cut and we would still have our favorite characters "alive" with the chance to now be in the "official cannon". It was a slight gut punch with the EU just being flat out disregarded. I'm sure I'll be in line for the movie,books , action figures etc. Still we all have our books and graphic novels they are in hand or digitally real. These stories well away be in my mind and heart apart of my Star Wars universe. Even Mickey can't remove those from us yet.

message 14: by Lori (new)

Lori Lezotte | 15 comments It will make some interesting debates in the future when discussing new EU compare with Legend. Especially if they tell the same type story. If Han and Leia are married...will they just keep courtship or will they do another story how they get together.

message 15: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments The ebook version of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction has now been rebranded with the Legends banner on the cover. It and Heir to the Empire ebooks are $1.99 in honor of May the 4th.

message 16: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
I bought them both. Great deal!

message 17: by Derek (new)

Derek Gatz (derekgatz) | 96 comments i was devastated, but i read alot of comics and im used to different universes. at first i hated but now i love the idea of these stories we love are now myths/legends. im just afraid ill hate the movie and consider these books canon in My mind.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Travis wrote: "I don't concern myself as much over what's canon as everyone else. If it's a good book with good characters, story, and plot, what difference does it really make? I, like Bruce in a previous comm..."

They're probably going to say it's not cannon because it was published before they made this announcement.

What bums me out is that now they are going to have to go back and fill in the EU during the prequel trilogy and I doubt they will ever be able to publish any material with young Obi-wan and Qui-Gon that can top what Jude Watson did in her series with those characters.

message 19: by Derek (new)

Derek Gatz (derekgatz) | 96 comments my canon is in my head, ill make it all fit somehow.

message 20: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Ramos | 5 comments Im not so much upset that the current eu is now "legend" im upset that so much of the story will be left unfinished. How does allana become the jedi queen? What about the lost tribe of the sith? At least we got to see jaina and jag finally get married but if they were going to just drop this timeline they should have left leia and luke dead in the monolith. That would have given more closure to the story than having them "retire" If they want to re write everything fine, I just wish they would continue writing stories on the legends line as well.

message 21: by Derek (last edited Jun 04, 2014 04:50PM) (new)

Derek Gatz (derekgatz) | 96 comments yes i want there to be an "ending" of somekind, people are saying in a few years they will return to this EU but im not so sure, i just hope Crucible is not "the end" as we know it.

message 22: by Derek (new)

Derek Gatz (derekgatz) | 96 comments have some super weapon blow up the whole universe. the end.

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