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message 1: by Briana (new)

Briana Gaitan (brianagaitan) | 37 comments I am trying my hand at making my own cover this time around. I have photoshop but am pretty new. I just bought the photo I will be using, but want to know this...
For new adult romances, are you drawn to more risque covers or unique ones?

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena | 172 comments Mod
I like unique, but I don't read a lot of NA.

message 3: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cfite) | 165 comments Unique... Title is more important to me

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 22 comments I like an very pretty cover - outdoors or beach scenes.

message 5: by Briana (new)

Briana Gaitan (brianagaitan) | 37 comments Glad everyone is saying unique. I get pretty sick of shirtless man covers (as does my husband, but for different reasons lol) can't wait to get started and share.

message 6: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) Briana wrote: "Glad everyone is saying unique. I get pretty sick of shirtless man covers (as does my husband, but for different reasons lol) can't wait to get started and share."

Having shirtless men for covers will make a lot of men who may have been tempted to read the book turn away from it instead. It's been said many times over in different threads. So staying away from it can't be a bad thing. :)
That said, I like unique covers too. Easier to spot. What do you think will attract the eye more on a shelf full of headless men? Another headless one or something different?
I, for one, especially if my schedule is tight and don't have much time to spend choosing the right book, will go for the cover that is different and read that blurb first. The others would require too much thinking. Did I read that one already? It looks so much like the last 10 I picked up... :>

message 7: by Briana (new)

Briana Gaitan (brianagaitan) | 37 comments G.G. wrote: "Briana wrote: "Glad everyone is saying unique. I get pretty sick of shirtless man covers (as does my husband, but for different reasons lol) can't wait to get started and share."

Having shirtless..."

You make some good points. Something that stands out against the millions of other books.

message 8: by Alice (new)

Alice Lake (alicelake) | 33 comments If you go to the book store (or look online), most of those covers are pretty unique. A lot of the young adult and new adult are kind of artsy.

message 9: by April (new)

April Lutz (April_Dawn_Lutz) | 13 comments Try going to: Not to get him to make it, but because he has a PDF book on what to look for, how a good cover should look, different things like that. There are all kinds of 'basic' covers that you can make, a photo with the title and author is one step up from a colored cover with the same information. Then there are covers with multiple images merged. It all depends on what type of book you are making the cover for. I've done 5 so far for author Marie Mason that are total custom works where I took into account what was in the story as well as what type of story they were. I've re-done all her current covers and have 2 new ones coming up soon - you can still see her old covers here under her listing. One thing that I find was helpful when designing was to look at the covers in that genre and #1 make sure I wasn't doing things just like someone else, I even tried to avoid any photos of people on current books and #2 got a feel for the look of that genre, how that type of book genre (the shifter romances) were currently being made and the style/feel of them. Yep, I did shirtless men, but then that was what the author wanted and it goes with the 'big bad alpha shifter' novels. Also remember that you want interesting fonts and you need to make sure to look at the cover in a smaller image. I always take a look at one about 150 pixels in height so that I get a good idea how it might look as a thumbnail on Amazon or B&N. If it ends up looking like one big blur of color, trying changing the color of your font.

Lastly, when you have spent hours, or days, working on it, take a step back and ask someone else (that you trust to tell you the truth) what they think. I know that by the time I feel it might be done, I've worked enough on it that I sometimes can't see the simplest things... like one I did where I ended up having to move the wolf because in the first image it looked like the wolf was checking out the guys pecs. And not in a good way. LOL I hadn't even noticed because of how many hours I'd spent just cutting and splicing the guy into the main photo.

You might also try as they too have a few books that are meant to help authors as well as cover artists. Yes, even if you don't use their services. I've found their free pamphlets helpful but the newsletters from Rocking Book Covers are really good, helping not just with covers, but with how to market your book once you do get it done and that type of thing.

Lastly, the one thing I always do is just look at the current covers in the genre that the book is going to go into. Pay attention to which books draw your attention and why. Was the cover really good? Did you like the layout? Were the colors or fonts something that even in a thumbnail drew you to click on it to see what it was about?

Hope this helps!

message 10: by Relina (new)

Relina Skye (relinaskye) | 69 comments I'm normally drawn to more unique covers. There are plenty of shirtless couples on covers so they kind of all start looking the same. I'm also drawn to a cover based on the color scheme.

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