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J.D. Brink | 8 comments Welcome!

Consider this booth to be kind of a freaky sideshow to the main carnival here. Please, free free to wander the grounds. Just don't feed the exhibits, or get too close...

I'm J. D. Brink. I'll keep this brief and let my usual bio tell you what little you may need to know about me:

If taking a college fencing class, eating from the trash can, and smelling like an animal were qualifications for becoming a sword-swinging barbarian, J. D. Brink might be Conan’s protégé. But since that career path seemed less than promising, he has instead been a sailor, spy, nurse, and officer in the U.S. Navy, as well as a gravedigger, insurance adjuster, and school teacher in civilian life. Today (spring, 2016) he and his family are stationed in Japan, where he’s providing a bad example for all Americans. In his writing, as in life, Mr. Brink enjoys dabbling in multiple genres.

I write a variety of speculative fiction and often blend genres, as well as add the occasionally mix of humor, some adult themes, and gritty, real life stuff. I think readers find my approach to be different from most.

Hungry Gods by J.D. Brink Tarnish by J.D. Brink

My biggest books to date are Hungry Gods (superheroes vs zombies for grown-ups), and Tarnish (a grittier coming-of-age fantasy adventure than you're used to). YOu can click these images to get a better idea about these books.

The Quest (Tarnish Book 1) by J.D. Brink Among the Shadows by J.D. Brink Heroes and Villains by J.D. Brink

Tarnish also comes in a trilogy edition, if you prefer it in pieces...

The Thorne Legacy by J.D. Brink A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley by J.D. Brink The Prince of Luster and Decay by J.D. Brink Invasion by J.D. Brink

I have other wares to offer as well, including military SF, crime-noir, horror, more superheroes, and indefinable genre-bending stuff.

If you like, you can check out my blog/website here:

I send out a Conspiracy Newsletter just a few times a year. Just last month I gave away three free audiobooks to subscribers. If interested, you can sign up for that here:

Any questions for me, just fire away. I am currently in Japan, however, and between family and work I don't expect to be "live" for a lot of the convention, but I'll check back as often as I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

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J.D. Brink | 8 comments By the way, folks, you can find a map to the whole convention here:

The map works by tracing tags like these, which apply to my booth:

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J.D. Brink | 8 comments I'm also holding a Goodreads paperback GIVEAWAY during the convention! Sign up April 1st through the 15th for a chance to win one of five SIGNED copies of INVASION.

Invasion by J.D. Brink

A trio of superheroes in the not-too-distant future of my Identity Crisis Universe leave Earth to repel an invasion. What could go wrong?

Check it out here:

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David Kelly (DavidMKelly) | 21 comments Hi J.D. An interesting and varied line up you have there :-) What's the SF scene like in Japan? I've always wanted to visit and so has my wife (for petite clothes shopping!)


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J.D. Brink | 8 comments Thanks, Dave!

There's a big SF/Anime convention in Tokyo, probably more than one, but last I knew of it I wasn't able to attend. Only downside is that the population is so dense that events like that are super-crowded. But the more the merrier, right?

Overall, Japan loves SF/F stuff and, unlike in the U.S. where there's sometime the "nerd" stigma to contend with (though I think that's going away as all this great stuff becomes more mainstream), there's no judgement in Japan. You can dress anyway you like and no one looks twice and Manga is popular reading material with all ages and backgrounds. It's a great environment.

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David Kelly (DavidMKelly) | 21 comments That sounds like Fun, J.D. and makes me want to visit even more. I know what it's like being crowded as I'm originally from England (not as crowded as Japan though I'm sure.) Now I live in Northern Ontario Canada and have next to no neighbors, so now I find crowds intimidating sometimes :-)

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V.S. Holmes (vs-holmes) | 36 comments You're quite prolific! Looking forward to your work.

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Kate M. Colby (KateMColby) | 36 comments Your author bio is great! It sounds like you've led such an interesting life, and I can't wait to check out your work. Hungry Gods sounds right up my alley!

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J.D. Brink | 8 comments V.S. wrote: "You're quite prolific! Looking forward to your work."

Thank you! The trouble, though, with being "prolific" is feeling scattered in so many directions. :)

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J.D. Brink | 8 comments Kate wrote: "Your author bio is great! It sounds like you've led such an interesting life, and I can't wait to check out your work. Hungry Gods sounds right up my alley!"

Thanks, Kate! I figured I'd trying going in a more memorable direction with my bio and author pic, and have some fun doing it. :)

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