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Christina I noticed that this book is #4 in a series. Do I need to read the other books first? I've read so much about Archer's Voice that I wanted to read it, but I don't want to miss anything that might have been mentioned in previous books.

Jaime Sherman No, you don't have to read the other books. They are all different characters. This is the only one I have read and it is AMAZING!

Michelle You do not need to read the other books as they are standalones, with the exception of book 1 and 2 being connected. I also ready book #3 Stinger and it was amazing too.

Christina Thanks. I really want to read this one but I didn't want to be lost. I think I will start with Archer's Voice and go from there.

Erika Archer's Voice was awesome, but book 1 and 2 were really good as well. I agree with reading Archer first.

Michelle °O° Erika wrote: "Archer's Voice was awesome, but book 1 and 2 were really good as well. I agree with reading Archer first."

Totally agree.... both Archer and Leo were great stories

Onimaro Archer's voice is The best book I've ever read.....I laughed, I cried, I swooned.........this book will inspire anyone who feels alone and unwanted.......its simply amazing. Mia ur blessed

Keeley I finished reading it like 10 minutes ago and it's the only book in the series iv read. It was fantastic and no one was in the book from previous books because I never once thought "Who are you," or "What are they on about."

You should real read it, it's a beautiful book

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Jo i highly recommened to read Leo and Leo's chance, the frist and second of the series, I do love these two books rather than Archer's voice, spend your time, enjoy the world of sadness

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Kimber Hellmers I don't really think of it as a series, just a collection of works with a theme outside the storyline. I loved this book. Archer is one of my favorite book boyfriends...hell, I even love Bree!

Michelle °O° I just finished reading Stinger and this book was as good as Archer's Voice and Leo

Carson is a strong hero just like Leo and Archer.

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Stinger and Archer's voice were a GREAT read for me :)

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