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Shifters are more of a neutral party. During a war, they will side with whatever side offers them the best deal. At birth, Shifters are administered a test to determine their shifting animal. After they gain their results, they will use a form of magic that allows them to shift to the animal at will. However, there are some drawbacks. It requires a great amount of energy to transform back and forth. They can transform into their animal, but if they fight while they are the animal, they may not have enough energy to change back to human. A Shifter looks exactly like a human and there are reports of Shifters mingling in human society and going unnoticed. They live the same age as a human.

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First Name:

Second Name (optional):

Last Name:



Animal they shift into:

Appearance (Pic):

Animal Appearance (Pic):





Trait one-
Trait two-
Trait three-
Trait four-
Trait five-



Weapon of choice (If any):




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Kor314  (kor314) | 222 comments First Name: Kyra

Second Name (optional): 

Last Name: Kor ((I couldn't think of anything else.))

Race: Shifter

Age: 18 years

Animal they shift into: Wolf

Appearance (Pic):

Animal Appearance (Pic):

Hair: Brownish blondish. Length- Middle of her back. Most of the time it is up in a braid or pony tail.

Eyes: Pale piercing blue eyes

Height: 6 foot 1in.

Weight: 140 Lbs

Trait one- Kind
Trait two- Fierce
Trait three- Strong
Trait four- Adventurous
Trait five- Curious
Trait six- Flirtishy

History: Her father is a shifter. He helped her when she started to shift into a wolf (age 10) She caught on really quickly. Her mother died giving birth to her. She knows every part of the forest. She spend most of her time in there. She is usually a wolf. 

Father: alive/40 years old
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: N/A

Weapon of choice (If any): Bow and arrows. ((When she shifts into a wolf her bow and arrows still stay on her back.))

-Well hidden
-Sense of smell

-Loud noises
-Bratty,hipster, spoiled boys

Other: ..........

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Rayna and Kira are both approved! :)

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