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Rho Rho Apr 29, 2014 05:37AM
I just read Stone Cold - do I need to read them in order?

Each book, while it can stand alone, builds on the ones before it. If you possibly can, start with the first book of the Joe Pickett series. You will learn more about what kind of a man Joe is, and what experiences have made him who he is. Also, his family grows along with him, as the books cover a period of years. I loved these books, and can't wait for the next installment of the Joe Pickett series!

Definitely read in order. His stand alones are amazing reads. Once I start one I cannot put it down until they are finished. My male friends who don't read but are hunters have read them and liked them.

Just finished The Highway. My worst nightmare come true. It will make your heart race....terrifying.

Box has a habit of waiting till the last page to leave you hanging and desperate for the next book.

Rho Thanks - I just got Open Season and Savage Run from the library
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