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I have a wall built in me
Hard to brake, Hard to see
I’ve kept my distance from you
Hidden my sorrow for you

You will never break through
I’ll make sure that is true
Try and I’ll go higher
I’ll make sure I’m on fire

My mask is built in place
Blanks will be on my face
Cracks I place for those clever enough to see
Be yourself they say
But tis not true
You can make your way by hiding
And finding
Let go for a second
My mask will break

Disappearing, repapering
Waiting for someone to see
To break through my smiles
And look into my eyes
To see who I really be

Tiredness and weary
Angry and hurt
Slipping slowly
Feeling very lonely

One day my walls will be broken
There will be no need for masks
They will see the pain in my eyes
But for now my walls remain put
Waiting for someone to break through

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Wow.

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