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David Sven (gorro) | 316 comments Well, the guy who chases Lift (Darkness?) in one of the interludes sounds very similar to the sentient sword in Warbreaker ie Nightblood with his obsession with justice- I'm pretty sure one of the chapter opening letters (shortly after that interlude) is referring to Nightblood taking a different form in this world.

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David Sven (gorro) | 316 comments Hmm..maybe he isn't nightblood. I just say that because he seems to have a distorted view of justice and as soon as Lift was pardoned he seemed incapable of killing her.

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Rob (robzak) | 6373 comments Mod
Interesting stuff. I had planned to start a similar thread but I've been distracted. I'm like 6 books behind on reviews now, including this one.

So the first question is, if Zahel is Vasher, how/why would he let someone else have Nightblood? Doesn't seem wise.

And that of course puts aside the question of just how the hell he got there. Then again the same could be said for Wit/Hoid.

Geoff (geoffgreer) I cannot wait until we get the books about Hoid.

Unfortunately, it will be a little while before the next Cosmere book. Which is the 2nd Wax & Wayne Mistborn book, Shadows of Self.

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Sky Corbelli | 288 comments So, when Hoid put that powder into his drink while he was talking to Shallan's father, was he performing performing allomancy?

And do we know for certain that the Stormlight Archives take place after the events of Warbreaker?

Geoff (geoffgreer) Here is the Coppermind wiki page about chronology:

Cosmere Chronology

Its lacking in hard details.

David Sven (gorro) | 316 comments You're all making me want to read Warbreaker again - and I don't really want to read Warbreaker again.

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In the original draft of Warbreaker, Lightsong introduced the storyteller as Dust--which is why Zahel called him that in WoR; Hoid, Wit, and Dust seem to be the man's most common pseudonyms.

The method of storytelling Hoid uses in Warbreaker (and in TWoK when he tells Kaladin a campfire story, for that matter) can also be seen in the unpublished Liar of Partinel. Midius (the person we know as Hoid) was an apprentice Lightweaver (Yolen form, not Rosharan form, see WoR Ars Arcanum) who used dust and the like to craft illusions. (This thread has links to the unpublished chapters, if you're curious.)

When Kaladin begins training against a Shardblade, Zahel's first move is to drop his sword. Dropping a Shardblade might not be as effective as dropping Nightblood, but clearly old habits die hard. ;)

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I missed all the references about Vasher being Zahel, unfortunately.

Geoff, when I asked Peter on Twitter when Alloy 2 is coming, he told me its been delayed to make room for Stormlight 3.

Alex, what's Lerasium?

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Also, isn't Dragonsteel 7 books, and the Hoid trilogy seperate? The Wertzone has a Cosmere article that lays out all the books, planned and published so far, I'd link it but that's bit annoying via tablet. Dragonsteel is supposedly the septology that will finally tie the Cosmere together.

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The biggest implication of the whole Breath = Stormlight thread for me:

Breath is essentially the essence of souls, right? Could it be that Stormlight is the essence of a soul, then? But then, who's soul? Food for thought.

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Oh right I remember it now! It's that bead that Elend swallowed and gained Allomancy from. Thanks!

I've beenreally itching to reread the Mistborn trilogy, maybe I'll do it after the Harry Potter group read. Hmmmm.

Am I the only one that is going to reread Stormlight everytime the next book in the series is about to drop? >_>

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Interesting page, I didnt know Lerasium also has effects relating to Feruchemy and Hemallurgy.

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So I think I know which of Sanderson's books I'm going to spring for hardcover for:

Q:  How many series in the Cosmere?
A:  36 novels, don't tell some people because they'll get scared.  (Mistborn is 9, Stormlight is 10, Dragonsteel is the prequel and those are the core; everything else will be a trilogy or one-off and some might be novellas.)

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Rob (robzak) | 6373 comments Mod
Rabindranauth wrote: "Am I the only one that is going to reread Stormlight everytime the next book in the series is about to drop? >_>

I'm sure I'll do a reread at some point, but not everytime. Too many other books to read/listen to.

Geoff (geoffgreer) Rabindranauth wrote: "Geoff, when I asked Peter on Twitter when Alloy 2 is coming, he told me its been delayed to make room for Stormlight 3."

I'm fine with that. Wax & Wayne are great but its not core to the Cosmere universe, so Stormlight 3 would be a much more interesting read in that way.

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Orelia | 50 comments The only reason I'm really looking forward to Shadows of Self (Alloy 2) is to read more of Spook's book that we see briefly in the preview chapter and because the timing for #2 should be when the power rises in the Well of Ascension again. I would MUCH rather have Stones Unhallowed/Skybreaker.

Some random connections I made while reading through the above, see if this makes sense to you:
- Sanderson said Nightblood would be "exactly" a Shardblade if he were on Roshar. Shardblades are spren. Nightblood is a spren.
- I've heard that Shadesmar extends throughout the Cosmere; it is not limited to Roshar. For certain, Breath and Stormlight can be interchangable as Investiture.
- Scroll up and reread what Sanderson has to say about intentions and expectations being one of the differences in his magic systems. Now think about Awakening. It requires Investiture (typically Breath), color, and a command. That command is your intention. Awakened objects tend to take human forms. I believe this is a result of the Awakener's intention.
- Awakening and Soulcasting are essentially the same thing, but with different user intentions. Awakening convinces the spren of an object to act LIKE something else; Soulcasting convinces it to BECOME something else.

Even if it's not significant, this is cool to me.

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Geoff (geoffgreer)
Q: The prevailing theory on the 17th Shard is that Hoid worldhops using Shadesmar. I was wondering if you were willing to confirm or deny that?
A: Hoid has indeed gotten between worlds before through Shadesmar.

Q: And would you be willing to give us a hint as to how he does that?
A: There are hints in the books. There is a hint in the very first cosmere book I released. [that would be Elantris] Which I thought was a huge hint, but so far I haven't seen anyone talking about it. I thought for sure once people started figuring the cosmere, they would see the massive in-your-face hint I put in that book, but so far, as far as I know, no one has. Now, the one [hint] about the map, that one I don't think is obvious. I know people have been trying to figure it out. It's going to be fun once you figure it out, but it's not something huge and obvious. The Elantris once was, like, enormously "HIIINT!"

Hmm, Brandon seems to think there's a big hint about Hoid's worldhopping in Elantris. That's cool, unfortunately it seems no one has figured it out. There is one thing I could mention but it would be an Elantris spoiler. And this gives no hint about how Vashar worldhops.

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Geoff (geoffgreer) Orelia wrote: "It requires Investiture"

Yeah, investiture connects all the magic systems. Which is cool.

From the Coppermind wiki:
Investiture describes the principle on which all of Brandon Sanderson's magic systems in the Cosmere are based. It means that people or objects are Invested with magical power.

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David Sven (gorro) | 316 comments Geoff wrote: "Hmm, Brandon seems to think there's a big hint about Hoid's worldhopping in Elantris. That's cool, "

Well if that's the case then it would have to be through using Aons - specifically Aon Tia - which could transport an Elantrian from one place to another. If you knew the correct modifier you could get yourself to anywhere in that world. Maybe there's a modifier that can transport you to other worlds too.

Oohh, the other way to get from one place to another was via metal plates with Aon Tii on them. So maybe there's one or a few of those on Roshar somewhere that are connected to various counterparts in other worlds.

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If I recall correctly, Brandon has said that it's theoretically possible to use Aon Tia to worldhop, but not really practical. You have to have the precise direction and distance you want to travel, which requires ridiculously specific measurements on an interstellar scale (especially for a pre-industrial society.)

My two cents on the "huge and obvious" hint in Elantris: (view spoiler)

David Sven (gorro) | 316 comments @Mandi - Oh that sounds like a better clue. I'd forgotten about that.

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