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Jill VS. Yuki, what about the others...

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Ayla Wow, Yuki has a real big part in this books.
Pro.s and Con.s for both Jill and Yuki and their rolls in Box's life.
What are your thoughts on Yuki, do you like her as the new memeber of the Woman's murder club.

After this book what are your thoughts on Lindsay and Cindy's (Thompson? I get her and Clair mixed up sometimes) friendship. Where they foreshadowing a split between the homicide lieutenant and the chronical's top crime reporter? Hmmm...
We all know that Clair and Lindsay are solid so I'm not sure if there's much to talk about them.
Though Clair does seem to be getting tired of the job....

Thoughts? Opinions? Questions of your own?

Janie Roeschlein I love Jill in her part of the books I wish that they did not kill her off Pro. I thought Lindsay and Jill work together Jill made Lindsay life better when they would together Jill and Lindsay work great together and they had a great friendship Lindsay lose a great frinds in Jill .I like Yuki in her part of the book. It is going to take some time to user to Yuki The Pro. Lindsay and Yuki are becoming good friends they work great together .Cons.with Yuki it is not the same with out Jill. I don;t think that Yuki and Lindsay will every be as close has Lindsay and Jill was. As for the
woman murder club books. I think that Yuki is going to be good in HER part she gets along with the other she going to be great in the books. I Think Lindsay and Cindy going around when it comes to Lindsay and Cindy jobs but they work it out out side of the jobs they are great friends

Ayla yuki's part in this series gets a bit more deep, yuki plays a huge roll in I think it's the 5th one, and it sort of introduces who she is, unlike Jill, she was just kind of there. they didn't go into such detail about Jill's life before she dies. I'm still not sure if I like Yuki and I'm waiting for unlucky 13 to be available. very exited, this series throws some CRAZY turns!

Lilanthi I was very sad when Jill was suddenly killed. Lindsay and Jill were very close, yet there was a part of Jill (being beaten by her husband) that was she was not open about.
Yuki was the hero of 4th of July, who saves the day for Lindsay and she joins the Women’s Murder Club after Jill’s death. But I feel it will take a little while for her to replace actually take Jill’s place.

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