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You find yourself in a room faced with three boxes. Which do you take?

A. The one that is old and dusty.
B. The one that is still pretty new and shiny.
C. The one that is average age and slightly cracked.

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You see your best friend getting beaten up by another one of your best friends. If you go in and stop the friend from beating up your friend, the friend doing the beating will hate you. And if you stand there and do nothing, the friend taking the beating will hat you. What do you do?

Write in answer.

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I would stand up for my friend getting beaten up and tell the person to stop. He/she shouldn't be doing that, and if he/she was, they don't deserve being your friend. I would stop hanging out with them, and if they put the hate in me, who cares? My friend that was beaten up didn't deserve to be treated that way.

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In the first stage, you chose the old and cracked box, why?

Write in answer.

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I chose the old, cracked box because it was the road less taken. It could lead to further adventure and mystery! The new one would be simple and just...that. Nothing more, usually, based on what is today.

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You are now in a simple house. Rain can be heard outside. Thunder cracks, shaking the old house. A scream can be heard upstairs. The house is about to cave in on you. What do you do?

A. Save yourself and don't worry about the scream. It could be your ears playing tricks on you.
B. Go and investigate the source of the scream.

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I would choose A. Why? There is a chance the scream was just out of fear, that the cause of the scream would live. If you went up there, there would most likely be no time left and both of you would die.

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Your final result was Erudite.

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Okay! Thank you! And I apologize for my inactiveness. I couldn't be on for a long time because my computer was down, so I had to do it via iPod. My computer;s up again and I will be much more active! So...when will the Choosing Ceremony be?

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If this group doesn't get deleted, it will be when all the trainer spots are occupied and all the trainers are made.

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Okay! And we can still choose whatever faction we want no matter your result because I am really tied between two factions based off of my character's personality.

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Yeah. But there will be limited spots so...

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Okay! How will it be organized based off of the spots? Will it be whoever goes up first in the Choosing Ceremony will just get first dibs? Is it first come, first serve?

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Sorta. It'll be organized like this:


But here's the catch, people who made trainers get first pick.

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Oh, okay! I made a trainer a while ago, so that means I will be the first or second person to get into my faction?

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It all depends. Mods get first pick over all for all their charries, then for the people that created a trainer, it's first come, first served.

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Oh okay! thank you for clarifying all of that up for me!

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You're welcome. :)

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If you have not already, please (and only if you want to) claim and make a trainer so we can get started.

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