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Are you active here, or in the existing NOOK groups?

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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob | 1 comments Just wondering how many B&N forum survivors are already active in the other B&N group here on Goodreads.

message 2: by Keri (new)

Keri (kerischneider) | 7 comments I just joined the group that's come over from General Fiction, but that's the only B&N-on-GR group for me right now.

message 3: by Dean (new)

Dean Gibson (deangibson) | 8 comments Bob: WHAT other B&N group?

message 4: by ~Thena~ (new)

~Thena~ (athena-nadine) | 1 comments I've been active on GR for a few years, but didn't know about any other B&N group. It's good to see people from the B&N forums here!

(I was Nallia there, but use my own name here :) )

message 5: by Keri (new)

Keri (kerischneider) | 7 comments This is the only other one I know of, the General Fiction Expats group. I expect it to be pretty active since their board is closing.

message 6: by Kamas (new)

Kamas Kirian (kamas716) | 8 comments I joined the other one, but I don't know how active I'll be.

message 7: by Tricia (new)

Tricia (tabl) | 2 comments This is the only B&N group I'm a member of.

message 8: by Karen (new)

Karen (rhyta) | 7 comments so where did everyone go?

message 9: by Dean (new)

Dean Gibson (deangibson) | 8 comments When B&N delayed its collapse, we went back to them for the final act.

message 10: by Karen (new)

Karen (rhyta) | 7 comments I would like to hear how everyone is going to use their Nooks in the future with the splitting off of the Nook division away from B&N

message 11: by Rita (new)

Rita (gotadimple) I'll use my Nook the same way I do now. Occasional purchases, looking for good free books, and borrowing from the library.

message 12: by Keri (new)

Keri (kerischneider) | 7 comments I don't see me changing how I use my nook, and I'm still hoping for B&N to make great devices in the future.

message 13: by Kamas (new)

Kamas Kirian (kamas716) | 8 comments I'm not planning on changing how I use my Nooks. I plan on using them for many years to come, until they die. I don't really see much in the way of upgrades, so what I have now should last me.

message 14: by Robert (new)

Robert Wright (rhwright) | 5 comments I'm still chugging on with my NST, but more of my reading is now on my Nexus 7, where I can have the various reading apps and the Comixology app for comics.

At some point, in anticipation of the NST reaching end of life, I will have to decide what other e-ink reader works for me and probably jailbreak my NOOK files or only read them using the NOOK app.

message 15: by Karen (last edited Sep 03, 2018 03:34PM) (new)

Karen (rhyta) | 7 comments For anyone who is still wanting to talk about their Nook, I found a site last year when the B&N discussion boards disappeared.

If you are interested in keeping your Nook going, they have a developers chat to help with rooting, hacking or customizing your Nook.

Some of it gets pretty technical but I am looking at it because I want to see if I can keep my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight(s) functional. Have tried the Glowlight 3 and not impressed. Any way just thought I would pass this on to anyone who might still be out there and would like to check things out.

message 16: by Karen (new)

Karen (rhyta) | 7 comments Back again, thought I would do an update.

Has anyone looked at the newer Nook? It was listed in a post of best e-readers for 2019.

Troubling signs for B & N itself, sales way down even after it was bought..

I am still using my old Glowlights and they are hanging in there.
Making sure I have my purchases backed up just in case the e-books get phased out to another company.

message 17: by Dean (new)

Dean Gibson (deangibson) | 8 comments I did not realize it has been five years since I posted here! The world has changed ...

message 18: by Kamas (new)

Kamas Kirian (kamas716) | 8 comments I'm still using my old NSTs and sideloading everything onto the external card.

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