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message 1: by Preston (new)

Preston Orrick (prestonorrick) | 27 comments Description of book:

"Ben and Hector, two ex-scientists of a private weapons development company, have created a virtual reality facility hidden underground somewhere in Nevada. Unwitting teenagers are used as pawns in profitable simulations broadcast live to a carefully selected clientele.

These teenagers are repeatedly drugged, leaving them with no memory of the simulation. Over time, the drug causes side effects, leading to violent behavior. Local authorities intervene when the behavior spreads to a concerning number.

Ben and Hector will do anything to keep the simulations running."

Book Cover:

-- Let me know your thoughts, thank you!

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena | 172 comments Mod
I love your cover.

Your book sounds like one I'd like, but your synopsis doesn't make me want to read it. Maybe make it more hook-y or exciting?

message 3: by Jack (new)

Jack Kardiac (jackardiac) | 28 comments I also like both your synopsis and your cover. For the cover, however, you might consider increasing the size of both the title and your name just a bit. Think about how small the thumbnails are that you see on this page of Sponsored Books (as well as on Amazon). The more legible at a smaller size, the better. (Also bump up the grey text a few shades lighter? Not white, but enough to add more contrast?)

My two cents...

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana Hockley (cadfael) | 65 comments The image on the cover is terrific, however I agree with Jack. You definitely need a good bold title and your name needs to be larger, same font but in bold

message 5: by J.L. (new)

J.L. | 48 comments I like the cover, but as Jack and Diana have said increase the font by at least 250%. I'd also try to add more detail instead of the black background. The detail doesn't need to be heavy and could barely be there, but it'll add more than just "fade to black." Maybe take a picture of a circuit board and sit it at 25% opacity over the black areas.

message 6: by Preston (new)

Preston Orrick (prestonorrick) | 27 comments All great ideas I will use, thank you!! I'll update my cover soon :)

message 7: by H.N. (new)

H.N. Sieverding | 8 comments I like the images you picked for the theme, it matches well. I would suggest blending your two images better using a gradual gradient. There is a harsh definition between the two images that doesn’t mesh well. I would also pump up the green a little (especially in the eye). Lastly, I suggest making your title font a more striking color, so it stands out more. Maybe green to match your theme? Also, I agree with the others, you need to increase the size of your title.

message 8: by Preston (new)

Preston Orrick (prestonorrick) | 27 comments Here is an updated image with some of the suggestions added, let me know your thoughts:

message 9: by Alice (new)

Alice Lake (alicelake) | 33 comments Maybe it's just me but seeing giant eyeballs on anything, whether it's a book cover or a big painting, is always creepy. I guess that works if it fits your story, which it sounds like it does, but my first reaction is always "Eek."

message 10: by Carly (new)

Carly Marino | 17 comments Creepy! I like it!

message 11: by Preston (new)

Preston Orrick (prestonorrick) | 27 comments Thank you, Carly!

message 12: by Mati (new)

Mati (matiraine) | 40 comments I like it, but I think the cropping on the eye is a little odd from a design perspective. It feels really square and "separate" from the rest of the design. Most of the designs with eyes I've seen that were done well let the eye sort of be part of the background. Blending the skin more into the background may help make it look more cohesive.

message 13: by Preston (new)

Preston Orrick (prestonorrick) | 27 comments Good idea, Mati. I thought about making the very edge of the eye like 50% opacity that slowly blends into the rest of the eye.

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