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1. Copy the template below.
2. Create a whole new topic for your character. Out there full name and a * at the front.
3. Fill out the template completely. Avoid WIP's. Studies show that people who do WIP's don't finish.
4. Wait for approval by a mod before you begin.

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<.b.>Appearance:<./b.> You must use an embedded photo! No links! Only use real people. No famous faces and no anime. Sorry fellow anime lovers.
<.b.>Written Description:<./b.> This must be at least five sentences long. Include important things like tail color, hair color, eye color, distinguishable markings, ect...

<.b.>History:<./b.> At least eight sentences are required.
<.b.>Family:<./b.> The minimum requirement that you have is mom and dad. If they are dead, place Deceased next to them If your character has brothers or sisters, place brother or sister for each one they have.

<.b.>Weapon of Choice:<./b.>
<.b.>Other:<./b.> Do not leave this section blank! At least three sentences are required here.

Remove all ther periods and all the extra stuff I have put in.

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