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message 1: by Quil, Lord of Death Row (last edited Nov 30, 2014 08:00PM) (new)

Quil (creative_quil) | 292 comments Mod
Please make Faceclaims you know that you'll use! PAY MIND TO THE KEY BELOW:

♥♥=Mod's Faceclaim
♥=Regular Member's Faceclaim
>>= Completed Character
☻=In process



♥♥>>Kate Beckinsale
♥>>Barbara Palvin
♥♥>>Steven R Mcqueen
♥♥>>Amanda Seyfried
♥♥>>Tom Hiddleston
♥♥>>Ryan Gosling
♥>>Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
♥♥>>Kayla Ewell
♥♥>>Kat Dennings
♥♥☻Angelina Jolie
♥♥>>Chris Hemsworth
♥♥☻Matthew Gray Gubler
♥♥☻Michael Clark Duncan

message 2: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 3 comments please do not delete this, as I'd like to keep track of them all on my own
Ashley Smith
Caitlin Stasey
Gina Rodriguez
Fan BingBing
Emilia Clarke
Arden Cho

Samuel Larsen
Godfrey Gao
Jamie Campbell Bower
Lenny Kravitz
Kit Harrington
Jack Falahee

message 3: by Quil, Lord of Death Row (new)

Quil (creative_quil) | 292 comments Mod
you can keep track of them by posting it in your writing section on your profile. you can place it under a chapter for face claims.

also after masking a face claim you must create your character. there has been plenty of time for you to do so. i need to delete the post.

ill give this 2 more weeks before i am to delete it.

it isnt fair to others to claim some one and not create a character using that face claim.

first come first serve.

2 weeks before those claims will be deleted and reopened to others to claim.

its only fair to the other members.

message 4: by QUEEN, Dragon is my best friend (new)

QUEEN | 35 comments Mod
crisitiano ronaldo
pheobe tonkin
matthew debbario

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