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Name: Ryuu Himura
Age: 568; Looks about 21
Gender: Male

Personality: A very quiet and peaceful man, he does not fight unless necessary and will protect those who need protecting. He is rather arrogant, being an ancient sorcerer after all, and judgmental though he prefers not to voice his judgements.

History: He served several dynasties in Japan, probably all of them, as their fortune teller/guide/sorcerer depending on which they preferred to call him. Now that the times have changed, he's been living a peaceful life by himself in Tadasu no Mori, a forest, until he was collected by the royal vampiric guards.
Name: Blake Rutherford
Age: 2000+; Looks to be in his early-mid 20's
Gender: Male

When using his True Power (Run for the hills):

Personality: Blake is an unsettlingly quiet man who is very aloof, he only cares about a few people- his apprentices being some. When angered, he doesn't often show it but if he decides to get serious, he will show his true power. He can take a lot though if put under enough stress or if he feels too much pain he will try to end his life. He's also gay.

History: Not much is known about his past other than he long ago imprisoned a powerful demon, though if necessary, he will release him. Blake is naturally blond but with the changing times, he cut his hair and dyed it purple. When he shows his true power, his hair will grow and become it's natural color again.
Name: Collin Kingsley (Pilgrim)
Age: Unknown; Looks to be in his late teens or early twenties
Gender: Male

With freckles and dresses in a colonial style

Personality: He's rather creepy and all knowing, he isn't human in the slightest, nor is he anything know to this world or others. He did that to himself and seems to a rather sad fellow, he prefers to have control over any and all situations but that doesn't always happen.

History: He was one of the original settlers, but everything else he does not wish to disclose.
Name: Kana (The Fallen; Death; The Ferryman of Souls; The Angel of Death)
Age: 200+; Looks 16
Gender: Female

In Battle(You may want to run):

Personality: A very strict and cold person with a firey temper and passion, though she has a soft spot for children. She is undyingly loyal to Kiera and would lay down her life to protect her queen's.

History: She was bitten at age sixteen and was trained in secret, when the man who turned her was killed by the guards, they brought her to Kiera. For whatever reason she was spared and quickly rose to the higher ranks soon after despite being a relatively young vampire. She has been seen on many human battle fields and her wings being the last thing the dying would see lead her to be referred around the world as an angel of death and the ferryman of souls.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Name: Kiera (Also known as Morena, Lilith, Desdemona, Kali, Anput, Izanami, and many other deities around the world that represent death.)

Age: Unknown; looks 19

Gender: Female

Kiera has three different forms:

Human World

You should run as fast as you can.

Personality: To anyone first meeting Kiera she seems to be sweet, like she could do no harm at all,unfortunately those people are sadly mistaken. The feared queen is the exact opposite of a kind and merciful monarch, and anyone who doesn't like it won't long enough to say so, since dead people don’t have any right to complain. She'll smile and giggle right up until she rips her prey's throat out with her teeth.

History: Kiera wasn't handed her throne on a silver platter, she didn't inherit it, she didn't get it easily, she took her time and secretly fought her way to the top as she rose in power. Once she had enough followers she challenged the reigning king to a duel, no weapons, no help, and he excepted gracefully, thinking of course that he had the upper hand against the smaller vampire. In a matter of a few minutes she had torn him in two and had the entire room on their knees, they hadn't known that she had been around when the sap of a king had been made, and the one before that, and before that. Now it was all hers, and no one was going to challenge her power anytime soon unless they had a death wish. She's reigned for over seven hundred years now and most that were there when she began are dead, people are still afraid of her, but she's getting slightly bored with her current surroundings.


Name: Nediya Darcy

Age: 327

Gender: Female


Personality: Darcy is the picture a silent assassin, she is serious about her position and would do anything for her queen and her race, even if that means cutting down anyone and everyone around them. The only emotions she still retains from her life as a human are honour and loyalty, but she is only loyal to Kiera.

History: Darcy has almost forgotten her human side, she has closed it off and put so many walls up between herself and that life that she barely even remembers her first few years of the change. Since she's become a vampire she has proved herself to be the best at hand-to-hand combat, ranged weapons, and any other type of fighting that has been thrown her way, she's the only one who had been able to spar with Kiera without getting her head torn off. She is the queen's right had and the head of her personal guard and military.


Name: Alex

Age: 112

Gender: Male, looks 12


Kano Shuuya

Personality: Alex might have been born before most common electronic that we have now, but that doesn't make him any less handy with them. He's taken over a whole country's computer system in less than twenty minutes. He is young naive and awkward, normally he only speaks in front of Darcy and Kiera, even though both terrify him compositely.

History: Alex's parents were both killed by a group of rogue vampires that Darcy was just catching up with, the boy was mostly dead, but still alive enough to be changed. Against her better judgement Darcy turned him and brought him to Kiera, and in the middle of a long apology for changing someone without her permission he woke up to the two vampires standing over him with curious expressions, he should have been writhing and aching from the change but he was strangely calm as he asked the two women what happened. After they explained they expected him to not believe him, complain, or even be sad about his parents death. Instead he took on the lifestyle with strong interest and learned as much about vampires and their history as they could, his strength is still that of a human boy, but his mind has been opened to things even Kiera can't do. He has slight telepathy and telekinesis, though it only works part of the time and it knocks him out if he uses it for too long.


Name: Penelope "Penny" Sage

Age: 493

Gender: Female


Personality: Penny isn't sure what's going on have the time, and she has almost no stamina whatsoever. She mostly uses her magic to aid the needy and help people, but things don't always go her way.

History: Penny had been training to be a powerful sorceress from the moment she could walk, but when she didn't talk or cooperate with her tutors they dubbed her too stupid to learn and stopped teaching her all together. Instead her powers began to come in on their own and control her more than the other way around. Now she can control her magic, but still starts disappearing randomly if she's not paying attention.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera sat with her feet up in the air at her dining room table, her chair was pushed back about two feet from the mahogany surface and her hair was dragging the floor as she stared at the giant doors that led to her throne room. She crossed her legs against the high back of her chair and began braiding a few strands of her bright pink locks.
Her guards, or as she liked to call them minions, had just informed her that they had just picked up the package she had sent them for. "Well send it in then!" she yelled, her voice high-pitched and threatening, all her guest would see when they entered was her long legs sticking up over the table, but she would have a clear view of the little mouse as it was dragged in. "Bring me something to eat as well!" she added and immediately a neatly dressed red-headed man was pushed into the room through the side door, he looked slightly dazed as he walked over and sat on the footstool about a foot away from her.

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Ryuu was lead down the corridor to the thrown room, his long black hair cascaded down his back and the sleeves of his white robe flowed with his every motion. He had been getting ready to retire for the night when the guards showed up. His cold, steel colored eyes were trained on the ground, he didn't want to look up at anyone who may have passed.
On all sides of him were guards and his hands were bound when they brought him in. Though that wouldn't do any good, binding his hands would not stop his spells. The guards were actually lucky he didn't fight unless he thought it was necessary. His eyes flicked to the table, only seeing legs, he turned his gaze back to the floor. Then, slowly to the guards around him as they moved out of the way of the person's view of him.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Took you long enough!" Kiera cackled and disappeared for less then a second, appearing again right side up in the chair, but instead of sitting in it properly she was balanced on the back of it, her booted feet now not even skimming the seat of the chair. "How is my guest of honour?" she purred with a smile as she stepped onto the long table and walked toward him. "Well sit down." She snapped and a guard immediately pushed the man down in the chair on the end of the table. Snapping again the half a dozen guards in the room bowed low and walked out, leaving the pair alone, the half dead human that was staring at his own hands like they were the most interesting thing in the world didn't even count.

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Ryuu didn't answer her, he didn't even speak as he was pushed into a chair. He noticed the half dead human when he was taken in. He listened to her footsteps as she walked to him yet remained completely calm. He knew she was dangerous, he could feel it, but he wasn't intimidated by danger anymore. He had lived far to long to fear death, it was welcome now if it ever came to him.
"You wish for me to serve you, I presume?" His voice was as cold as his eyes, a sharp edge like a blade was gained over his time serving those who ruled the land he hailed. He was tired but that didn't show at all, his eyes flicked up to her, staring at her from the top of his eyes and through the black bangs that hung over them.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Serve me?" Kiera laughed heartily "Heaven's no! I am looking for entertainment!" the last word lasted about twice as long as it should have been. "I brought you here not as my servant, but, as I said before, my guest." She clapped twice and the ropes that bound his wrists disappeared "Are you hungry? I can have anything, or anyone, brought in." she smiled and sat in the edge of the table in front of him, her feet resting in his lap.

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Ryuu stared up at her and thought for a moment, he was positive he couldn't trust her but she might have him killed if he refused. He looked down at the cuffs as they disappeared and rubbed his wrists before looking back up at her. "I am fine, though I must admit your men did take me when I was about to rest." He didn't seem to mind how she sat one bit, if he recalled correctly, one of his master's had a child like that. Though his memory was foggy, not all that it used to be he feared.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Oh the mouse is tired is he, well I'll have a room made up for you, you'll have your own chambers, though I am afraid to say I don't quite trust you yet so your doors will stay locked, just yell if you need anything." Kiera sighed, lying back on the table and folding her hands behind her head. "You'll meet me here for breakfast tomorrow morning, unfortunately you have to have an escort for now." without her saying anything the human walked over to her and sat in a closer chair. "Oh and if you're boring tomorrow I'll just have to find something else to do with you." she waved her hand and the side door opened, a guard stood just on the other side of it, waiting for Ryuu to follow him.

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Ryuu listened to her words and nodded. "It is understandable not to trust me m'lady." He stood and walked to the guard, it seemed as if he didn't hear the last part, but before he reached the door he turned his head to look at her. "I will not be." With that he walked out of the room and followed the guard to his room. His voice had a playful undertone to it at that last part, maybe even a bit arrogant but he was after all.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera gave a light giggle as he exited and rolled over on the table to face her food "I think this will be fun, don't you?" she smiled, the man just nodded, his eyes glazing over as he tilted his head and exposed the veins that pumped the wonderful life force that ran through him. She rolled again and landed in his lap, grinning as she bit into his neck. She yanked her head backwards, tearing a chunk of skin with her, she grabbed a tall wine glass off of the table and held it at the base of the wound until it was full."Have at him boys." she said and two giant black dogs ran through the open door and began to attack the still conscious human, she took her spell off him and drank from her glass as she listened to the music of his screams. "Good night." she laughed once he stopped making noise, she took her half full glass and headed through the throne room and out another door, toward her private chambers.

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The next morning Ryuu woke at the crack of dawn as he usually did. He found all of his clothes neatly folded on a table and sighed, it seemed as if he wouldn't be leaving here soon. If that was the case he might as well get used to it, he didn't buy that the woman had him here as a guest, he would know her name if that were true. Though maybe it was different here compared to his home, he'd find out later.
He put on a bath and washed his long hair, getting out after ten minutes. He pulled on a simple blue yukata and tied his hair in a dark blue ribbon before exiting his room.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera walked into her throne room with a cat like smile, she expected to have lots of fun messing with the nest mouse she had had brought in for her. She snapped and one of her many guards hurried to her side "Yes ma'am?" he asked, with a slightly worried look. "Carry me, I don't feel like walking." she giggled as he picked her up by the waste and easily set her on one of his shoulders, a shorter guard stood in front of the first and she rested her feet on his head. They carried her into the dining room, but didn't actually put her down until they reached her chair, setting her on the table in front of it and walking away as she cackled again. "Is my new toy coming down yet? I don't want to wait, I just might get bored and turn one of you inside out." she said the words with a smile and tone that sounded like she was talking about ponies and puppies.
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Just then the door opened and a guard lead Ryuu in. The sorcerer kept his arms folded within his sleeves, his eyes cold and steely like the night before, they were always like that. "No need, I apologize if I made you wait." He spoke in a calm tone as he entered the room, the guard that escorted him bowed and exited.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Oh goody!" Kiera whipped around and sat cross legged facing him. "What's your name pet?" she asked silkily as she stared at him without blinking, her blue eyes glowing as her pupils shined from black to gold and back, she had been searching all over for the best bet to curb her boredom, and she was sure she had found it now.

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Ryuu blinked as he stared at her for a moment, what happened with her pupils intrigued him but then again she wasn't human. He made a very quiet sound, almost as if he had scoffed under his breath and resisted rolling his eyes. Judging by how the others treated her, she was a ruler so he figured he'd be polite... for now. "I am nobody's pet." He stated, his voice holding his arrogance though it seemed as if he was trying to be as polite as possible and failing. He bowed to her none the less. "My name is Himura Ryuu."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Ryuu~" Kiera said, dragging out the name sweetly "Well my dear, people call me the Daughter of Evil, the Mother of Demons, the evil overlord." she gave a wink at the last name "I've been known as Lilith, also the wife of Shiva and Anubis, you may know me better as the first Shinigami." pushing her kitty-eared hood back to reveal her braided pink hair she began to twirl the end of the braid around a slender finger with a butter yellow painted nail.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) ((can you take out all of your OOC stuff?))

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Ryuu sat at the table, a light smirk twitched at the edges of his lips. "And what shall I call you m'lady?" He watched her carefully, he was a tad skeptical that she was so powerful but he didn't appear as strong as he actually was. So who was he to say she wasn't? It was certainty possible, he had encountered very powerful beings before.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Kiera, Your highness works too." She smiled and slid back into her seat, her feet still up on the table, pulling them down and folding them under her she asked "Are you hungry pet?" she pointed the question towards Ryuu even though she wasn't actually talking to him, knowing it would annoy him, she was really talking to her dogs that stood just outside the side door, though they wouldn't come in the room just yet.

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"Hai, Akuma no Joou." He figured 'Demon Queen' was suiting, though he was uncertain if she understood Japanese or not. It didn't matter, he felt it suited someone like her. 'Demoness' was good to but he decided against it, she was royalty and deserved to be called as such.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Queen of the devil, or, more simply put, Demon Queen." Keira said with a laugh "That suits me quite well I think. I've had a run into or two with the devil, he ran away with his tail between his legs, he came expecting to meet a loyal servant, when really he met death in the flesh." she waved her hand with a twisted grin and the door to her right clicked open and her dog walked in, each the size of an extremely tall great dane, and both black as the eyes of an excited demon. One of them started licking the chair next to her and she moved him out of the way to see what he was interested in, a spot of blood the size of a dime sat staining the chair seat and Kiera tsked and shook her head. "Whoever cleaned my dining room last night." she said quietly, knowing everyone in a twenty mile radius with vampire blood could hear her, "Get. In. Here." she finished and a few seconds later a man and a woman hurried into the room, both looking down at the floor instead of at her, they knew exactly what was coming to this. "And I though you'd be entertaining me this morning darling, but I believe it's the other way around." she smiled at Ryuu and proceeded to rip both of the servant head clean off with her bare hands. "I'm going to go get cleaned up from that little delay, you eat something before the meat that's left on your bones withers away" she looked down at her blood covered outfit and giggled, then left out the door to the throne room with her dogs trailing behind her obediently.

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Ryuu watched her with mild interest and when she left he cast a spell. Containing the area of the bodies as a man came in to serve him his breakfast. He didn't want the smell bothering him besides, this would keep the bodies fresh until removed. He could have done anything with them, like make them decay faster or have nature spread from them, but that seemed best for now.
He was surprised to see that the food made for him was a tradition breakfast from his home. It was certainly nice to make something he was used to, honestly he was impressed. He started with the rice, everything was cooked well which was good. He wondered how long it took the chef to make it since he doubted the cook had ever had to cook anything like this before. Maybe the dogs would eat the bodies when she came back, since he was keeping them preserved. At least chew on the bones.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera skipped back into the room in a new outfit beaming, "Enjoying breakfast?" she asked as she slid into her own seat, for once in a completely normal way, her dogs weren't following her, they were snoozing on her throne at the moment in the other room, which looked less like a traditional throne and more like a giant sky blue fuzzy chair. Another servant came in the room and easily picked up both bodies, and their heads, and exited the room quickly so he didn't meet the same end. "I have a boring meeting today that you are going to attend with me, this person thinks I have too much power, this one thinks I'm going insane, that one says my guards are getting out of hand~ UGH! I mean really I'm considering just killing anyone who doesn't tell me something interesting today."
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"Yes, I am." Ryuu let a smile pull at his features as he listened to her. It did sound somewhat familiar, perhaps it was the same with a previous master of his. He couldn't quiet remember, he had served so many that it was hard to keep track of them all. Back then, anyone who opposed his master's decisions was made to support them by Ryuu, using a simple spell to control what they thought. Mind control, is what people who weren't like him called it, it was simple a spell of... persuasion, so to speak. "I can make them leave you alone about that, I'll make them support you if Watashi no Joou wishes." He simply said 'My Queen' this time, he would probably vary what he called her since calling her the same thing every time would get boring.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "No, I didn't bring you here to make people obey me, I want people to revolt, I want them to challenge me, to do something other then lick my shoes." Kiera said with a laugh, people were starting to get on her nerves, it had been years since anyone worshiped her like a goddess, most people in the human world didn't believe in god and goddesses anymore, so the people were just scared of her, but she wanted more, she wanted her people to fear her, just fear her differently than they did now.

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Ryuu nodded, he think he understood what she wanted, but he wasn't sure. Did she want the world to worship her as a god? Or did she want a war of gods? Either way, he didn't know what he had to with this. Yes, he started out as a mere priest until that man came, after that he was trained to be a sorcerer. Something happened to the other apprentices of that man, but he didn't know because he had refused to help them. Whatever it was, he wanted nothing to with it. Oh, it seemed he was spacing out again. "I understand m'lady."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "You aren't here to help with that though, you're here to entertain me, plain and simple, I don't care how you do it, but if by the end of each day I'm not as bored as I was, you've done your job." Kiera said, setting her elbows on the table and staring at him with a smile she put her hands on each side of her face. "Your payment for keeping me entertained, not dying."

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Ryuu chuckled to himself. "I may not be as old as you m'lady but killing me will be no where near easy." He smiled cheerfully, the arrogant tone of voice was obvious but his words alone conveyed his arrogance. "I will try my best to keep you entertained, as I do not wish to fight such a kawaii onnanoko." He couldn't help his smile becoming a smirk when he called her a cute girl, maybe the times had caught up to him after about two centuries or little more, he became more arrogant and confident. He remembered the men around didn't like it so he did it more often to anger them.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "I'm just your resident mahou shoujo!" Kiera said with a giggle, she definitely thought of herself as cute. "Oh and I didn't say killing you would be easy, it was more of a hint that it would be fun." she gave him a wink and straightened the bow in her hair.

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Ryuu chuckled and nodded. "I see." He set his chopsticks down and leaned back. "How long until your meeting?" He had a few tricks to show her that could be entertaining, others always seemed to enjoy his show. He could create a mass hallucination or control his surroundings, anything was possible with a sorcerer as old as him.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Two hours, people are already showing up though, the ones that want to impress me show up early, they are just lucky they still have all their fingers." Kiera frowned and wiggled her own fingers in the air, she knew bringing Ryuu would stir things up in there whether he did anything or not, a non-vampire had never been to one of these meetings, and everybody knew it.

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Ryuu nodded. "I understand showing up early but two hours sounds excessive." He never liked people who'd show up early just to gain favor, they were always so stuck up and annoying. He'd usually frighten those people in the past for acting higher than him who was more than three times their age, since he wasn't allowed to physically harm them. If he could, he would, no one was higher than him.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Vampires don't know the meaning of excessive, you should see some of the outfits they come in, some think it's still the fifteenth century, while others, lets just say others think that the amount of gold they're wearing is directly proportional to what I think of them, and of course it does, more they're wearing the stupider I think they look." Kiera laughed, but stopped as she smelled something on the other side of the side door, "I believe my breakfast is here." she flashed him a smile with her fangs and watched as the door opened and boy walked in, he was maybe ten or eleven years old. "Come here dear." she coaxed and he walked to her slowly, as if in a trance. When he was close enough she took him by each side of the head and smiled as a loud crack sounded. Slitting his limp throat with a sharp nail she held a clear wine glass to the cut, taking it away once it was full and tossing the boy's lifeless body to the floor.

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Ryuu chuckled, there were people like that everywhere it seemed. He could recall quite a few he had seen like that, usually from different countries that his master at the time had allowed to be in the country. He looked over to the child, he want good with kids but even that seemed too cruel to him. Though maybe the blood was better the younger the person was, meaning he probably didn't taste good do to how old he was. "I'll have you know my queen, I'm quiet a smart ass in these meetings, I always have been."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "This will be fun then." Kiera said with a bright smile and took a sip of the thick substance in glass. "If you're done we can go on in there, I can introduce you to some of my more annoying advisers. I don't know why they're called that, I definitely don't take their advice." she shrugged and pulled a pair of white gloves out of a hidden pocket, slipping them on her hands before picking the glass up again, it was a miracle that no blood was on the outside of it.

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Ryuu smiled and nodded, standing up and muttering under his breath. "Gochi ni narimashita." He followed after her. "This will be fun." He said sarcastically, he was going to be such smart ass, since she seemed to like that.
"Anata wa kore o suki ni naru." Ryuu looked over at her, he knew she'd enjoy this.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "I better." Kiera answered with the first serious expression she had given him, she walked through the door and waved her hand, her dogs immediately jumping off her throne and sitting on each side of it, ready to pounce on whoever came to close. "Get my guest a chair." she said to a hooded servant standing a few feet away. A chair was pulled seemingly out of nowhere and set close to where she would be sitting. Landing on her fluffy chair cross-legged she smiled at the few people in the room, who had stopped all of their conversations to stare at Ryuu.

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Ryuu strode confidently after her, a smug smirk plastered on his features. "Oi." He said to them, saying the most informal greeting he could to them, wanting to be as rude as possible. He sat down and crossed one leg over the other, he leaned back. "What? You're all acting like you've never seen a human before." He made sure to look them all in the eye, knowing that they were Nobel and most likely saw him as below them.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera laughed at their reactions and crossed her arms "Well normally when they see humans they think food, but if any of them touches you they know they'll lose more than there heads." she said with a smile at the men looking at her and Ryuu.

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"Oh? Well, even without you m'lady, I'd turn them to ash before they could even reach me." Ryuu grinned like the smug jerk he was widely, starting down at them as if he were below him. "But really, from the looks of it, these Nobles are not as noble as I thought. Though I guess I can't base everything of manga." He chuckled to himself.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiera smiled at the manga comment, he was some famous freaking sorcerer that probably was totally into yuri. A thick-headed, but attractive, vampire walked up to them and nodded politely to Kiera, without even looking at Ryuu, "I'm sure you are aware Highness, but humans aren't allowed in these meetings." his words were calm and organized, not a hint of fear as Kiera's eyes shown gold. "Ryuu, I believe it's your time to shine my dear." she said with a twisted smirk and a gesture from Ryuu to the tall blonde man before her.
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Ryuu got up, walking over to the man. "So soon?" He chuckled as he stood between the man and Kiera, placing a hand on his chest. "I'm not a normal human you see." His iron eyes flashed emerald for a brief moment before he bent the sound waves of his voice and used them to move the air. Creating enough force to push the male far back from them. "I do not like how close you stand to my queen. It is only because you are a part of this meeting that allowed you to live." He growled lowly at him before giving the same smug smirk and laughed. "This is the strength of nobles? I didn't even try and he flew! Ha- how pitiful."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) The man fell back unceremoniously onto his butt "Fool!" he stood up quickly and was about to attack when Kiera held a hand up "I didn't say you could fight back, now plant your sore behind in a chair before I decide to remove it." her words were said with a sweet smile and in a voice that sounded like it was just dripping with syrup. He sat down in the closest chair without saying anything, his eyes glazing over with a strange blue film. "Now that's more like it, anyone else need any help getting in the right mood for my meeting?" she asked with a wide smile as more black cloaked figures entered the room. "You're all so boring! Black is so OLD."

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"I'd like to see pink." Ryuu chuckled as he watched them before walking back to his seat. He sat back down and folded one leg over the other, leaning back again. He wondered how that guy was, yeah it did kind of freak him out when he'd flirt with him but the guy had been one of his best friends. He was a sorcerer too so be was still alive wasn't he? Oh well.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Me too! I love pink!" Kiera said excitedly as the so-called nobles took their seats in the half-circle of chairs that stood in from of her. Finally all were sitting but one woman, the only one with her inky black hood down, though you could barely tell since her thick sheet of hair was the exact same colour. "Highness, I mean you no distress, but I don't believe your friend should be here for this, we have sensitive matters to discuss this morning." she looked at Ryuu carefully, though not quite suspiciously. Kiera shook her head with a serious expression that looked out of place on her normally happy face "I am aware, but he is staying." she turned her head to Ryuu and hr smile came back "Ryuu, this is really the only person in the room I trust, she's my leading general and the chief of my personal guard. Darcy, this is Ryuu, though I believe you have seen him before." Darcy nodded and folded her arms, she'd seen him only briefly, when assassinating one of Japan's rulers a few hundred years ago as a personal favor to Kiera.
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Ryuu passed peered at all the so-called nobles before his eyes landed on Darcy, he thought of her as the only one in this room other than Kiera that seemed to be a true noble. He remembered her from when she killed one of his master's, though it was one particularly didn't like and one that he didn't care about but he defended him. Poorly because he didn't like him but still, he had to. "Konnichiwa, hisashiburi." He greeted her, though much more respectful than he had the others, he even stood and bowed to her.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Darcy looked at him for a moment and nodded stiffly again, she obviously didn't trust him, but was much to smart to say anything in front of her queen. Kiera smiled between them and said "Now that we're all acquainted-" she was cut short a smaller hooded figure rushed into the room, his cloak dragging the floor behind him, he said nothing but sat in the end chair and kept his eyes on the ground, he was the youngest ever to survive the change, being only twelve when he had been bitten, and though his strength was ridiculous compared to the rest he was quite ingenious. "And all here" she finished with a laugh "Is it true the door between our world and the human's is decaying?" she asked curiously, she had heard the rumor, and if it was true then nothing good could come of it.

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Ryuu sat back down in his seat, just listening for now. He wondered if the other apprentices were alright then, he heard of an accident. Apparently Collin did something with them and they all got in some accident, last he knew. The others were dead but Collin was still around, maybe he should check up on him, not now though. He didn't even know where the guy was, let alone how he was doing. Though maybe it was best for them not to meet him, he was creepy.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Darcy nodded briskly and began pacing in front of the line of sitting cloaked figures. "A whole group of brats got through, they perform some ritual and spell they found, it shouldn't have worked. They shouldn't have even glimpsed our world, but they got here, and now we have to clean up the mess, make their entire existence disappear completely" the smallest of the group flinched and shot out of his chair, running toward Kiera as if he was going to jump into her lap, his hood falling off in the process. Just before he reached her he tripped over his long cloak and fell onto his knees in front of her chair "They didn't do it on their own." he said in a voice barely high than a whisper as he stood back up, slightly out of breath.

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